Soon, Viagra dispensing condoms that actually feel like the 'real thing

Melbourne, Apr.13 (ANI): Scientists are designing ultra-durable condoms they claim could feel like the "real thing" and even better than nothing at all. Scientists at the University of Wollongong in Australia are working with an ultra-tough material called hydrogel that could be used to create condoms that actually feels good.

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Here’s why ‘Sex Box’ can’t actually work as a long-term TV show

The We TV show is more focused on how "crazy!" it is than actually helping the couples.

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Rick Perry Actually Gets Question from College Student About Anal Sex

Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke last night at a Dartmouth event hosted by the College Republicans, and he ended up getting a crazy question from a student about... anal sex. No, seriously.

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Dear Johns: Actually, You Should Be Ashamed to Buy Sex

Jim Norton isn't entitled to sex, but women are entitled to human dignity

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Threesomes are Actually a Terrible Idea

Sometimes threesomes can get—gasp—boring. What if you finish in minutes and your bedmates go on for an hour? Guys, life isn’t an XXX-film.

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Linda & Richard Eyre: How about actually dating, then actually marrying?

We live in a time when two of the greatest delights and sources of joy of all time are being abandoned: dating and marriage....

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The Dating Ring wants you to actually meet your date in person

The Dating Ring involves a matchmaker-type service that aims to work like Uber for online dating.        

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See how these 13 crazy tax deductions were actually successful

(CNN) — From hermit crab food and Viagra to a toupee and scuba trips, taxpayers (try to) deduct the wildest things. Check out these 13 crazy tax deductions. Hermit crab food A teenager started making food for her beloved pet …

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Sex Might Actually Make You Smarter

Forget mindfulness meditation, computerized working-memory training, and learning a musical instrument; all methods recently shown by scientists to increase intelligence. There could be an easier answer. It turns out that sex might actually make you smarter.

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Amazon Has Cracked Down On 'Monster Porn' — Here's A (SFW) Re-enactment Of What This Bizarre Fantasy Genre Is Actually ...

Monster porn is alot more popular than you might imagine.

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