Airbnb guests host sex party 'freak fest' in comedian's apartment

A New Yorker inadvertently rents out his Manhattan apartment through Airbnb to a man hosting a ‘XXX Freak Fest’ orgy.        

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Apartment owner walks in on ‘XXX Freak Fest’ in his trashed Airbnb rental

CHELSEA (PIX11) - Comedian Ari Teman makes a living off laughs, but after unknowingly renting out his Chelsea apartment for a “Big, Beautiful Women” orgy through the website Airbnb — the joke was on him. And little did Teman know …

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Apartment owner freaks at Airbnb 'XXX Freak Fest'

One of the milder scenes from the Tomo News depiction of the tale. (Credit: Tomo News/YouTube) Should you swear by Airbnb, this story might make you understand what happens when you want to swear at Airbnb. This is the tale of New York comedian Ari Teman , who rented out his apartment on the famous site. The renter was a man called "David." He was a verified member. Sadly, by the end of this ...

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AirBNB Rental Leads to ‘XXX Freak Fest’

Comedian Ari Teman says he was stunned to discover that a man who rented his Manhattan apartment on AirBnb used it for a “XXX Freak Fest.”

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'XXX Freak Fest' at Airbnb rental a lesson in online dealings

Airbnb, the company that lets users rent their apartments and homes to others, found itself working overtime this weekend to help a New York man whose apartment ended up being used for an adult party.        

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Airbnb renter returns to find 'XXX Freak Fest' orgy in his apartment

Ari Teman, a New York man who allowed David Carter to rent his apartment through Airbnb while he was out of town for a weekend came back early to discover that David had rented the apartment to host a read more

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Gawker Man Unwittingly Rents Out Apartment on Airbnb For "XXX Freak Fest" | Jezebel Guinness Drops S

Gawker Man Unwittingly Rents Out Apartment on Airbnb For "XXX Freak Fest" | Jezebel Guinness Drops Sponsorship of NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade | Jalopnik The Best Subway Buskers In The World | Lifehacker BusBud Guides You to Cheap Bus Tickets Around the Globe Read more...

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Man Comes Home to ‘XXX Freak Fest’ Orgy After Renting His NYC Apartment on Airbnb

Airbnb gone very, very wrong.

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Airbnb Very Sorry About Sending a 'XXX Freak Fest' to Man's Apartment

New York City comedian Ari Teman rented out his apartment on Friday night through Airbnb, the online service that allows travelers to stay at local apartments for (usually) cheaper rates than hotels. Teman handed over the keys to renter David on Friday afternoon, he tells Gawker. Airbnb responded swiftly by changing Teman's locks, arranging for him to stay in a hotel, and wiring him $23,817 in ...

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Comedian Furious After AirBNB Rents His Apartment To "XXX Freak Fest" Orgy

A comedian is furious after he unknowingly rented out his Manhattan apartment on AirBNB to an orgy—and he fears he will be evicted now. "I've got to move," comedian Ari Teman told us. "We don't think it's safe here now given 50 pimps and prostitutes know the address and might be upset at getting caught. Plus, it just feels disgusting to be here right now." [ more › ]        

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