Ten dating mistakes that men always make

When Natasha Devon accepted a friend's challenge to date 60 men in two months, she quickly learnt that nearly all men fall into the same traps.

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What the Gentrification Debate Always Leaves Out

Illustration by Tyler Hoehne We hear so much about exploding housing prices and class tensions in gentrifying neighborhoods like Brooklyn and San Francisco that it’s easy to imagine that’s the new normal for American cities. But we don’t hear nearly as much about the near east side of Akron, Ohio, or west Louisville, Kentucky—neighborhoods that are poor, have been for a long time, and, for the ...

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Here's the Dangerous and Grotesque Anal Sex Trend You’ve Always Wanted

"It smells like blood. And it tastes like raw flesh. It's not something you've ever been exposed to. But it strikes a chord somewhere deep inside." That's how Michelle Lhooq opens her article on Rosebudding, a new trend in the world of hardcore anal pornography. And if you're faint of heart or weak of stomach, you may want to stop reading now, because the act is literally ripping out actresses ...

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5 things you can't always buy with a credit card

Marijuana. Mug shot removal services. Lottery tickets. Gambling. Online porn. Try to make one of these purchases with your credit card and you will likely be denied. Because of the complex laws governing ...

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Minnesota sex trafficking victim: 'I was always afraid'

A sex trafficking victim speaks out after the door has been shut on a family-operated sex trafficking ring, one of the operators walking away with a slap on the wrist, she says.

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Washington sex trafficking victim: 'I was always afraid'

A sex trafficking victim speaks out after the door has been shut on a family-operated sex trafficking ring, one of the operators walking away with a slap on the wrist, she says.

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Pre-marital sex 'immoral', not always rape, says judge

Pre-marital sex is "immoral" and against the "tenets of every religion", a Delhi court has said while holding that every act of sexual intercourse between two adults on the promise of marriage does no...        

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Paperback: Outsider II: Always Almost Never Quite by Brian Sewell (Quartet, £12)

“It is to some extent true,” writes Brian Sewell, “that anal coition with a man (but not a woman) can involve, for the recipient, sexual stimulation and climax so intense that it is addictive.” You won’t read stuff like this in many other books. Sewell is a bracingly frank writer. Reading this makes you see the extent to which other autobiographers hide from frankness. Sewell takes up his life ...

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Sex / Health / Fitness: When straight guys aren't always straight

"Are they gay? Doubtful. Are they bi? Debatable."

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Sex doesn't always sell: Penthouse files for bankruptcy

Maybe sex doesn't sell that well after all. FriendFinder Networks, publisher of Penthouse magazine and numerous adult-entertainment websites, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Tuesday.

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