Anti-porn group slams Fifty Shades of Grey's R rating

An anti-porn has criticised Fifty Shades of Grey getting an R rating, saying it glamorises violence against women.

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China Closes Websites in Anti-Porn Campaign, Hires 'Sexual Content Appraisers'

As part of the initiative dubbed "Cleaning the Web 2014," authorities and tech companies are hiring "sexual content appraisers" to evaluate erotic content -- they have been flooded with tens of thousands of applications. read more

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Anti-porn group accuses Harvard of promoting sexual violence with Sex Week

Anti-porn group accuses Harvard of promoting sexual violence with Sex Week

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Comment: Anti-porn laws allow police to target those they don't like

The law against extreme porn is vague and dangerous. No wonder police have been using it so much.

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Anti-Porn parental controls review

Protect children from pornographic content on the Web

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Sex workers, allies, call for open forum at anti-porn talk in Halifax

Sex workers and their allies were calling on anti-porn activist Gail Dines to give them a voice in discussions about the sex trade on Thursday. Stepping Stone, a Halifax organization that promotes safety for sex workers, organized a protest in … Continue Reading

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Anti-porn is anti-sex worker

by Jean Ketterling Throughout the history of sex worker activism, those who support rights and safety for sex workers have had to push back against feminists who seek to make their careers off of sex workers's backs. Anti-porn academic Gail Dines is in Halifax this week, speaking at a conference– Emergent Learning–that you, too, can attend for $300.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on ...

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Anti-Porn Group Hosts National Summit to Combat Pornography, Sexual Exploitation

Morality in Media, an anti-pornography organization which is part of the Coalition to End Sex Exploitation, is hosting a summit in Washington, D.C. to train people on how to combat pornography and sexual exploitation in their communities.

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Anti-porn minister's Twitter 'accident'

Indonesia's anti-pornography communications minister follows a Twitter porn account "by accident".

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Porn Stars And Prostitutes Picket Anti-Porn Conference

Porn stars, prostitutes and strippers "do not need to be rescued" by anti-porn feminists. That was the rally cry at a London protest on Saturday, with a gathering of around 50 sex workers and industry figures calling for an end of the "demonisation" of pornographers. The 'Don't Censor Me' demonstration was called by the Sex and Censorship campaign, in response to the UK launch of 'Stop Porn ...

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