Twitter Finally Banned Revenge Porn. Now How to Enforce It?

An update to Twitter's policy prohibits the posting of so-called "revenge porn." But to actually enforce it would require a fundamental change to what Twitter is. The post Twitter Finally Banned Revenge Porn. Now How to Enforce It? appeared first on WIRED .

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Mystery Cialis-Viagra Concoction From Australia Banned by FDA

Bottles of Eli Lilly & Co. Cialis brand medication sit on a pharmacy shelf in Princeton, Illinois, U.S., on Oct. 22, 2014. Close Bottles of Eli Lilly & Co. Cialis brand medication sit on a pharmacy shelf in...

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Cialis From Lilly Australia Plant Banned for Viagra Ingredient

Cialis made at an Eli Lilly & Co. plant in Australia was banned from entering the U.S. after it was found to contain the active ingredient for rival erectile-dysfunction drug Viagra.

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Why hasn't Japan banned child-porn comics?

Why hasn't Japan banned child-porn comics and cartoons?

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Spanking and caning banned in UK porn films

Spanking, caning and whipping have all been banned from UK porn films in a crackdown on kinksters which will infuriate sex workers and viewers alike.

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Spanking and strangulation online porn videos banned

The Government has said a list of sex acts has been banned from online porn videos filmed in the UK in a bid to crack down on "harmful" content. A quiet change in legislation has ruled that paid-for online porn videos must now adhere to the same rules as content produced for sex shop-type videos.

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Here Are Exactly What Types Of Porn The UK Just Banned

Flickr/Rikard Elofsson The UK just announced a change in the guidelines that govern online pornography, and people are scared that the government is embarking on a far-reaching crackdown on porn. The Independent, for instance, is reporting that “the measures appear to take aim at female pleasure.” That’s not really true. There isn’t a lengthy list of sex acts that will be been banned overnight ...

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Spanking BANNED from porn under new government law - what else isn't allowed?

Spanking, being tied up and female ejaculation are now all banned from internet porn under a new law. Sex workers aren't best pleased

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Los Angeles-Based 'Dating Guru' Banned From UK

A self-styled "dating guru" has been banned from entering the United Kingdom.

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Banned Anal Exam To Test For Homosexuality Is Still Being Used In Lebanon

An invasive and banned “test” for homosexuality is reportedly still being used in Lebanon. The examination, which involves the insertion of a metal egg-shaped metal object into the rectum, was carried out on five men accused of being gay, Lebanon’s Daily Star writes. Being gay is a criminal offence in Lebanon. The men were not suspected of any other offences. The newspaper writes the doctor who ...

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