Volokh Conspiracy: Another federal court rules that laws banning same-sex marriage discriminate on the basis of sex

A federal district court in Nebraska recently ruled that the state's law banning same-sex marriage is likely unconstitutional because it discriminates on the basis of sex.

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Porn laws: Banning spanking is bonkers and downright frightening

Under new rules, paid-for porn will have to comply with strict guidelines, with caning, whipping and a host of other activities now outlawed. A baffled Rebecca Reid asks where this bizarre legislative process will end

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Japan passes bill banning ‘revenge porn’

Anyone caught distributing “revenge porn” in Japan could face a heavy fine and up to three years in prison after the lower house unanimously passed a bill criminalising the practice Tuesday. The bill was expected to be enacted by the upper house Wednesday.

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Japan's lower house passes bill banning 'revenge porn'

Japan's lower house on Tuesday passed a bill criminalising "revenge porn", as it seeks a legal remedy to a growing problem of the Internet age.

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Indiana lawmaker ready to talk about banning revenge porn

INDIANAPOLIS – As more states move to ban and criminalize revenge porn, an Indiana lawmaker wants to start discussing the idea of outlawing it in the Hoosier state. Revenge porn is the act of sharing a sexually explicit photo or …

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Facebook Accused Of Banning Ads From Catholic Dating Site Prior To Valentine's Day

"They put a stop to boosting or promoting any posts on our page as well. I recently tried to 'boost' a story about the Pope and it was rejected."

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Banning porn not a solution, says Amanda Seyfried

London, August 14 (ANI): Amanda Seyfried has said that banning porn would not be a solution, as people should be "free to watch what they want."

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Hate porn, sure, but be wary of banning it | Nick Cohen

The principle that consenting adults are free to watch what they want is worth defending Prosecutions for the possession of the filthiest pornography confirm foreigners' suspicions that the British care more for animals than people. Between 2008 and 2011, the English and Welsh authorities charged 1,922 men for having images of bestiality about their person. By contrast, they brought only 310 ...

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Anal probe weapons responsible for Australian Saints Row IV banning

Game refused classification for anal probe weapons depicting "implied sexual violence"; optional mission's drug use also listed.

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Putin backs banning adoption by foreign same-sex couples

By Alexei Anishchuk YEKATERINBURG, Russia (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin will back a ban on same-sex couples from abroad adopting Russian children, he said on Tuesday, dismissing Western criticism of the way homosexuality is treated in Russia. Putin also called for tolerance, but his remarks, after a summit with European Union leaders, underscored a rift between Russia and many Western ...

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