Shy men make better lovers –Study

It is no gainsaying that most women prefer dating men who appear confident and outspoken, not necessarily because such men are better lovers, but partly because they exhibit an aura of protection, safety and reliability for their spouses. Notably, shy men may not be every woman’s preference maybe because they appear calm and non-aggressive in...  [Read More...]

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Online Dating: Better or Worse at Finding Compatibility

Can finding someone nearby or with a similar background make for compatibility? WebMD shows you how thanks to dating apps, you can fast-track the dating process.

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Single-sex education? There's a better way

Single-sex schools can give girls an armour of confidence, self-belief - oh, and eating disorders, writes Allison Pearson

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More Sex, Better Testosterone Levels?

Title: More Sex, Better Testosterone Levels? Category: Health News Created: 3/13/2015 12:00:00 AM Last Editorial Review: 3/16/2015 12:00:00 AM

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Porn IS good for you: Men who watch x-rated antics 'have better sex lives'

If you need an excuse to watch porn , here it is. A study has claimed men with an X-rated video habit have better sex lives - busting myths about porn's effect on the brain.

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Does watching porn make you better in bed?

Provided by Cléa Desjardins, Concordia University Does a predilection for porn mean bad news in bed? That's the conclusion of many clinicians and the upshot of anecdotal reports claiming a man's habit of viewing sex films can lead to problems getting or sustaining an erection. But a new study from UCLA and Concordia University -- the first to actually test the relationship between how much ...

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More sex, better testosterone levels?

Experts have long assumed that as a man's testosterone level declines, so does his sex life. But a new study suggests the reverse may be true.

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Can watching porn make you better in bed?

( Concordia University ) A new study from UCLA and Concordia University -- the first to actually test the relationship between how much erotica men are watching and erectile function -- shows that viewing sexual films is unlikely to cause erectile problems and may even help sexual arousal.

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Better sex after 50?

It's no secret that most married couples have less sex as the years go by, but those who stick it out tend to see something of a romantic renaissance—it just takes five decades to get there.

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"Oscar Is the Viagra of Statuettes": How Hollywood Success Leads to Better Sex

Fortunes aren’t the only things that rise and fall with the weekend numbers in a town where "success and sex go hand in hand."

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