Erotic Public Art Whips Parisians Into Butt Plug Buying Frenzy

Paul McCarthy's Tree is the holiday gift that keeps on giving. First, the massive inflatable butt plug sparked right wing outrage and vandalism ; then, it inspired French president Francois Hollande to pen an impassioned butt plug defense. Now, the giant butt plug is gone, but hundreds of ordinary-sized butt plugs have sprung up in its wake. Read more...

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'Sex Tape': Cameron Diaz on Baring Her Butt, Spicing Up Love and Comprehending the Cloud

"I'm terrified of the cloud," co-writer and star Jason Segel tells THR of his R-rated comedy. "Everything that happens in the movie could happen to you ??? it's a cautionary tale!"

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Warning: A Column on Butt Play

“So is butt stuff a thing we’re all doing now?” my friend Maya Gchatted me one afternoon. She’d reunited with an ex after several years and was surprised to find his predilections had changed. Hers hadn’t. “It just reminds me of when I was little and would eat too much ... More »

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Vanilla-Scented Beaver Butt Secretions Are Used In Food And Perfume

Castoreum is an anal secretion beavers use to...

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Primitive Fish With Butt Fins Reveals Quirks of Evolution

A 370-milion-year-old, primitive fish sported a weird pair of fins just below its anus, new research shows.

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Butt for the flared base

Helpful anal tips, a confused bisexual and a reader’s four-point sexuality system make for a varied and variable advice column. by Dan Savage Q At a dinner party, a straight man put a question to my boyfriend and me. He assumed that we, being gay men, would have an answer for him. We did not, Dan, and so we turn to you.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

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