Tax day poses unique challenges for same-sex married couples

Lindsey Oliver (L) and Nicole Pries stand during a ceremony performed by Robin Gorsline outside the John Marshall Court’s Building in Richmond, Virginia October 6, 2014. Tax Day is an accounting nightmare for same-sex couples who live in states that do not recognize their marriages. Photo by Jay Paul/Reuters. WASHINGTON– A necessary burden for most Americans, Tax Day is an accounting nightmare ...

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Changing Legal Status Provides Extra Tax Challenges for Same-Sex Couples

Both the U.S. Department of Treasury and the IRS have recognized all legal same-sex marriages for tax purposes since 2013, but at the state level, the situation continues to evolve. Nellen encourages same-sex couples to regularly review all of their benefit plans and insurance policies and check with their employer to make sure they're getting the broadest extent of benefits.

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For same-sex couples, financial planning poses unique challenges

All committed couples must learn how to tackle financial decisions together, but same-sex couples face additional challenges as laws change. Here are six of the most important financial questions same-sex couples should ask each other when planning their futures together. 

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Dating Offers Challenges, Opportunities for Over-40 Set

IDAHO FALLS (AP) | Senia Weinrich's husband died a year and a half ago, leaving her alone for the first time in many years.

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Same-sex rights groups face challenges beyond marriage

Even as same-sex marriage edges closer to becoming legal nationwide, gay rights advocates face other hurdles in 2015

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Beyond marriage, challenges ahead for gay rights groups

NEW YORK (AP) — Even as same-sex marriage edges closer to becoming legal nationwide, gay rights advocates face other challenges in 2015 that may not bring quick victories.

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Challenges to gay marriage bans: Where they stand

State bans on same-sex marriages have been falling around the country since last summer, when the Supreme Court ordered the federal government to recognize state-sanctioned gay marriages. The remaining state bans all face legal challenges to overturn them, and a federal Court of Appeals in Cincinnati will hear arguments Wednesday on cases from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee.

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The Challenges of Having Sex as a Little Person

A sex therapist helps people with dwarfism overcome their bodies' obstacles to sex and intimacy.

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Sex trafficking survivor challenges hip-hop stars to not glorify strippers

Sex trafficking survivor Brenda Myers-Powell, who advocates for prostituted people, said that those who glorify the trade should also be punished, such as some popular hip-hop stars.

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Hinge Challenges Tinder for Simple Dating

Tinder hardly has a monopoly on the snap-judgment school of mobile dating apps, and it now has one more competitor in the field. Hinge is a dating app that lets potential matches see all of your user details up-front, taking a lot of the guesswork out of online dating. According to digital culture site re/code, Hinge recently raised $4.5 million from investors, suggesting that there's still ...

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