Can Christians really be free from porn? XXX Church answers

Can Christians really be free from porn? XXX Church, a website dedicated to helping people struggling with porn and sex addiction, believes that all Christians want to be free from it, but it might be more helpful to focus on control instead of freedom.

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Why XXX Church staff love handing out Bibles

XXX Church, an online haven for people suffering from porn and sex addiction is known for handing out "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" Bibles during the biggest porn shows and conventions all across America, and one of its staff members is sharing why she loves doing it.

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Jesus loves porn stars: XXX Church founder Craig Gross says message is changing adult movie actors

The XXX Church is an initiative aimed at dealing with people suffering from sex and porn addiction by distributing "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" Bibles to people who work in the sex industry, Christian Post reported. The XXX Church also tries to reignite the power of faith among porn stars through religious books specially phrased for them. Gross claims that the initiative has changed the lives of ...

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Jesus loves porn stars, says XXX Church founder Craig Gross

XXX Church founder Craig Gross says that Jesus' love does not discriminate and that is why He loves porn stars too. It is because of this message that one of the biggest names in the porn industry Brittni Ruiz found redemption in God, became a Christian, and changed her life for the better.

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XXX Church welcomes Russell Brand's admission about porn addiction

It is not easy for people to admit their flaws and mistakes, so when Russell Brand admitted that he used to be obsessed with porn when he was a teenager and that he treated women as trophies, Paul Robinson of XXX Church lauded him for his honesty.

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Dating Styles of Megachurch Pastor's Kids: Rock Church Pastor Teaches Children to Detect 'Counterfeit' Christians

The Rock Church's Marriage and Parenting Pastor Darren Carrington says parents need to teach their children from an early age about dating and marriage so they can spot "counterfeit" Christians who attend church but show no spiritual growth.

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Craig Gross of XXX Church on why Christian Grey is the worst boyfriend imaginable

What is so appealing about Christian Grey anyway? When the movie Fifty Shades of Grey hit theatres on Valentine's day, thousands of women swooned over the wealthy CEO despite his personal issues and strange bedroom fetishes. Pastor Craig Gross of XXX Church for one can't understand what the fuss is all about, since he believes that Grey is the "worst boyfriend imaginable."

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'Kingsman' director Matthew Vaughn reveals the secrets behind the church scene, that sex joke, and more

Learn what song almost scored Colin Firth's most badass moment instead of 'Free Bird'

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Sex education from church and state sends mixed messages in Vietnam

As church activists hand out information on ‘safe sex days’ to students, Vietnam’s high abortion rate suggests a need for accurate contraception advice • Abortion rights around the world – interactive On a Saturday morning, about 100 people gather for mass at Thai Ha church in Hanoi. During the sermon, the priest talks about the dangers of sex before marriage and the sin of killing an unborn ...

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Anglican Church proposes reparation scheme for child sex abuse victims

Sex abuse victims would have access to a reparation scheme with the power to award cash support and direct that the abuser be removed from their job - while still leaving open the possibility of the victim taking legal action – under a new proposal by the Anglican Church.

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