Counterfeit drug gang jailed after raking in £10m selling fake Viagra

One group based in southern England was headed by Neil Gilbert (pictured), who made up to £60,000 a week selling unlicensed and counterfeit drugs to unsuspecting customers.

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Counterfeit drug gang jailed after raking in £10million by selling fake Viagra while pretending to be a fishing tackle ...

One group based in southern England was headed by Neil Gilbert (pictured), who made up to £60,000 a week selling unlicensed and counterfeit drugs to unsuspecting customers.

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Feds charge Napa man with counterfeit Viagra sales

A Napa resident has been charged with trafficking in counterfeit prescription medicines after allegedly selling nearly $7,000 worth of counterfeit Viagra and Cialis to undercover federal agents in 2013 and 2014, according to federal court documents.

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Man accused of selling counterfeit Viagra pills arrested

A Rockdale County man is facing charges after allegedly selling counterfeit Viagra and Cialis pills. Officials conducted a search warrant Thursday at the home of Don Huggins, 40, where they recovered more than 7,000 tablets of counterfeit medication. Police say the total value of the pills is estimated to be $238,085. Officials also found $200 in counterfeit money, nearly 4.5 ounces of marijuana ...

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Rockdale man charged with selling counterfeit Viagra and Cialis

A Rockdale County man has been arrested on suspicion that he was selling counterfeit Viagra and Cialis pills from a manufacturer located in China.

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Counterfeit Viagra Conman Seth Pennington Pleads Guilty to £11m Fraud

Pennington changed plea to guilty after he was run over outside Old Bailey in May.

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Sanofi Targets Counterfeit Viagra Market With OTC Cialis

Sanofi sees an attractive opportunity in the rampant market for counterfeit Viagra: luring men away from dodgy online pharmacies with an over-the-counter version of a competing erection drug.

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SFO plays key role in seizing counterfeit products

From fake Viagra pills to knockoff sunglasses, sports jerseys and cellphone accessories, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Supervisor Jeffrey Meleg said the battle to keep counterfeit goods from landing on U.S. soil is relentless.

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Pakistani man sentenced in counterfeit Viagra® and Cialis® case

Mohammad Jamal Rashid, 45, has been ordered to prison for conspiracy to illegal importation and traffic in counterfeit and misbranded Viagra® and Cialis,® and receiving and delivering misbranded drugs

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S.A. man sells counterfeit Viagra to undercover officer, SAPD says

 SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio man is behind bars after he allegedly sold counterfeit Viagra pills to an undercover law-enforcement officer Tuesday morning. Investigators said 45-year-old Javier Soriano had been under surveillance for three months. Authorities had been monitoring Soriano's online activity and 'suspicious' websites -- where the suspect would advertise fake male enhancement drugs ...

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