Sex-offender ID crucial on social media

On Nov. 26, a state Appellate Court upheld limited access to the Internet for convicted sex offenders who are on parole, by allowing authorities to prohibit sex offenders from using online social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Syria meets crucial deadline for chemical weapons plan

A Russian soldier destroys chemical weapons. / NONE XXX RUSSIAN ARMY ARCHIVES The Syrian government has submitted a formal declaration of the chemical weapons in its possession and a plan for their removal, a crucial first step in an international agreement to destroy or remove its stockpiles and weapons.

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Feminist porn is crucial, says Ellen Page

Melbourne, June 24 (ANI): Ellen Page has revealed that she is in full support of feminist pornography.

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Sex isn't everything, Helen, but its unique intimacy can be crucial for a marriage

Is the notion of having both restful companionship and rumpy pumpy an unreasonable expectation, asks Judith Woods

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In US Vote, a Crucial Test for Same-Sex Marriage

Imagine trying something 32 times and never succeeding. That’s how many times the issue of same-sex marriage has appeared on state ballots and been voted on in the United States. Put directly to the people, it has been defeated every time.

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