Trish Stratus Says Current WWE Divas Need More Character Development, Zeke on His Future

- The Miami Herald has published an interview they conducted with Trish Stratus during WrestleMania XXX weekend. Trish commented on today's Divas and her generation:

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Big E Langston Discusses Mania XXX, His Current Push & More

WrestleMania XXX main event: “I think John Cena and if you think about potential opponents, with Brock back, even though they had a series of matches, I think that would be interesting. Batista as well. So right now, I think until anyone unseats him, I think John is at the top of the hill.

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Current Petraeus affair has nothing on nation’s first sex scandal

The current sex scandal involving the CIA, the FBI, the military and possibly several private citizens isn’t the first in Washington, but it has some things in common with the huge scandal that hit Alexander Hamilton more than 200 years ago.

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