San Diego revenge-porn site operator sentenced to 18 years

A San Diego man who operated a "revenge porn" website and then charged victims to remove nude images and personal information was sentenced Friday to 18 years in state prison, the attorney general's ...

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California court rules San Diego sex offender law unconstitutional

By Dan Whitcomb LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The California Supreme Court ruled on Monday that San Diego County's "blanket" enforcement of the state's sex offender residency laws was unconstitutional, a decision that could open the door to wider challenges of the statute. California's top court issued the ruling in a legal challenge to "Jessica's Law" by four registered sex offenders from San Diego ...

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Revenge-porn website operator convicted in San Diego of conspiracy, ID theft and extortion

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego man charged with running a so-called revenge porn website where people posted nude pictures of their ex-lovers — and then charging the victims to take down the images — was convicted ...

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Revenge-Porn Website Operator Convicted in San Diego

Revenge-porn website operator convicted in San Diego of conspiracy, ID theft and extortion

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Revenge-porn website operator convicted in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A San Diego man charged with running a revenge-porn site where people posted nude pictures of their exes has been convicted of more than two dozen felony charges.

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California 'revenge porn' trial gets under way in San Diego

By Marty Graham SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - The trial of a California man accused of running a so-called "revenge porn" website, featuring nude pictures of women often posted by jilted ex-lovers, began in San Diego on Friday in a test of state efforts to clamp down on such sites. Kevin Boellart, 28, was arrested in 2013 shortly after Governor Jerry Brown signed a first-in-the-nation law to target ...

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Diego Maradona remains potent after sinking four viagra a day

Despite having a heart condition, Diego Maradona is apparently pepping up his private life with an astonishing diet of the infamous pills.

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San Diego Sex-Traffickers Indicted

A federal grand jury indicted 22 members and associates of a sex-trafficking gang and charged them for forcing underage girls into prostitution in eastern San Diego County on Thursday, the San Diego-based U.S. Attorney's Office said in a statement.

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San Diego man charged with operating 'revenge porn' site

Kevin Christopher Bollaert charged with 31 felony counts of conspiracy, identity theft and extortion for allegedly blackmailing women Rory Carroll

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Sex Trafficking Overtakes Drugs as San Diego County Gang’s Top Cash Source

Above: A sex trafficking victim named "Lisa" shows her tattooed lip with the name of her pimp, in 2011. Federal officials in San Diego say such branding continues.

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