‘Awkward Sex … and the City’s’ sextet of storytellers share tips for publicly airing your dirty laundry

Talking about your sex life can be hard. Talking about it in front of an audience is harder.

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The Dirty Dozen: Porn's biggest stars

Fans are the key to success, as studios look for sure bets and tend to invest more in films starring those actresses.

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Porn is not a dirty word

Oct. 15, 2011, 12:30 p.m. 'MY WIFE doesn't show much enthusiasm for sex. She will passively let me do things and this annoys me as it is a real turn on to have women really enthusiastic and getting off on giving you pleasure.

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Charities Won’t Take Porn Money Unless They Can Keep It a Dirty Secret

It’s not that nonprofits won’t take money from the adult entertainment industry. Oh no, they simply wish the whole affair were a little... well discreet.

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Dirty movie danger freaks lose focus

The porn industry in Los Angeles County has been on the down-and-out since a law making actors wear condoms sent filmmakers into retreat.

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Dirty desktops and titillating tablets -- the browsers you use to get a porn fix

Porn has always been big business, and online porn accounts for a staggering proportion of web traffic. The availability of always-on internet connections in the home, and near blanket use of internet-enabled mobile phones and tablets, means that it is now easier than ever to get a porn fix if you need the urge. But have you ever wondered how all of this porn is being accessed? Well… wonder no ...

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Sex Ed Gone Wrong: Teacher Says Getting Busy Makes Girls Just Like a Dirty Peppermint Pattie

Or maybe the teacher was having a serious craving for something sweet. But making teenagers pass around an unwrapped piece of chocolate and then equating how filthy it gets to a girl that has premarital sex is definitely on the list of classroom demonstrations that shouldn’t happen But that’s exactly what a teacher did in a sex education class in Mississippi. Although a YORK Peppermint Pattie is ...

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The Dirty Dozen: Top adult stars

The porn world loves new superstars almost as much as it loves a comeback story. Here's this year's "Dirty Dozen."

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Porn star Jenna Jameson gets 4Chan to do her dirty work

Porn star Jenna Jameson has gotten image board website 4chan to do her dirty work for her, in exchange for getting down and dirty—virtually. Jameson had sought 4chan users' help to track down a former assistant who had messed with her social media profiles, The Daily Dot reported. The report said Jameson, 39, particularly tracked down /b/, the site's most notorious group, and asked its members ...

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Taste My Rainbow - Smudging WrestleMania XXX With My Dirty Fingerprints

Happy Turkey Day, my fellow gluttons. Welcome back to the column that spits out more readers than it swallows - Taste My Rainbow . If you’ll recall, I considered this route originally before condemning it moments later.

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