Viagra can have anti-cancer, anti-Alzheimer's disease effects if used with new drugs

Chaperone proteins play an important role in protein folding in human cells and in bacteria and are promising new targets for drugs to treat cancer and Alzheimer's disease and for novel antiviral drugs and antibiotics. How existing drugs such as Viagra or Cialis and a derivative of the drug Celebrex, for example, can reduce the activity of a specific chaperone protein, with the potential for ...

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Viagra Doesn't Just Lend A Hand In The Bedroom, It Can Treat Heart Disease Too

Viagra has a new health property, and it's nothing to do with sex. A new study has found that the blue pill could provide an effective treatment for heart disease, too . Trials of the impotency drug have found that it features an active ingredient which improves the heart performance of patients with a range of conditions. They also found that the pill has no adverse effect on blood pressure ...

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Viagra could soon be used for heart disease patients: researchers

Viagra could be used to treat heart conditions after it was found to improve the function of blood vessels, researchers have said

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Viagra could be used to treat heart disease

Viagra could provide a treatment for heart disease as well as a treatment for problems in the bedroom, a study suggests.

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PET TALK: Anal gland disease is no laughing matter

The anal glands in a dog or cat are residual scent marking organs, responsible for the production of an odor that identifies the individual and marks his stool to establish territory.

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Pet Talk: Anal gland disease

The anal glands in a dog or cat are residual scent marking organs, responsible for the production of an odor that identifies the individual and marks his stool to establish territory. Similar to the g

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Phone app use for gay sex linked to disease risk

Gay men who use smartphone apps to hunt for a sex partner nearby run a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease than those meeting online or in bars, researchers said Thursday. Applications such as Grindr, Scruff and Recon use the smartphone's geolocation facility to help the user hook up with other men in the vicinity who are also looking for sex. Researchers in Los Angeles ...

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Assembly passes bill mandating condom use during adult film shoots; regular disease testing

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Porn performers in California must wear condoms during film shoots and their employers must provide regular testing under a bill that passed the state Assembly on Tuesday. The bill, AB1576 by Assemblyman Isadore Hall advanced to the Senate on a 41-12 vote, the minimum numbers of votes needed. Hall said his bill is a workplace safety measure to curb the spread of sexually ...

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Viagra may help boys suffering from muscular dystrophy disease

Drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction may be able to slow disease progression in boys who suffer from the muscle wasting disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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Viagra could treat muscle disease

Viagra could be a short-term treatment for boys with a muscle-wasting disorder, scientists say.

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