Why Doesn’t Massachusetts Have a Revenge Porn Law?

Sixteen states have enacted legislation that makes distributing revenge porn a felony. Massachusetts isn’t one of them. It might not matter.

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New Facebook porn Trojan doesn’t come with a happy ending

What’s this? A random post dangling genuinely free porn in your Facebook feed? Think twice before clicking on it, because there’s no happy ending in sight if you do. I know, Geek readers, […]

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For $1.4 million, Dallas sex offender registration doesn’t buy much

Texas should join other states in examining sex offender laws for effectiveness, not political popularity.

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Free Porn Video Search? Google AdWords Doesn’t Want Your Filthy Sex Money

A search for free porn videos may shortly be something that many advertisers may not be interested in any longer since Google AdWords will be banning porn ads for its web-based advertising network. In a related report by The Inquisitr, free porn videos and photos are killing the sex industry slowly but surely, according to

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Abstaining From Sex Doesn’t Help You Win the World Cup

All of the teams that had strict rules against sex have been eliminated

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Dating someone doesn’t mean you’re sleeping with the person - Nikki Samonas

It is often said that it is difficult to figure out what most women want. But for adorable actress and Sexiest Bikini Wear winner, Nikki Samonas , the one thing she wants, and enjoys doing is dating men.

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Viagra doesn’t make men happier

It's simplistic to think that fixing an erection issue would solve relationship issues

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Dating at Carleton: Why Doesn’t it Exist?

If a stranger on the street asked me about the dating culture at Carleton, I’d likely tilt my head, squint my eyes and let out a long, uncertain “um”--because the fact remains: I don’t sense that there even is an overwhelming dating culture at Carleton.

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Meet Twine, the dating app that doesn’t care how hot you are

What if you had a location-based mobile dating and hookup app that wasn't based around profile photos? Twine is attempting to create an experience that's focused on conversation rather than looks.

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Jonah Hill insists he’s a ‘serious actor’ now and doesn’t answer dumb questions

Jonah Hill’s comedy days are in the past – he’s a “serious actor” now. Now that the 29-year-old movie star has a Oscar nomination...

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