Sex, Drugs and Pluralistic Ignorance: Why Smart Groups Do Dumb Things

A new study finds that popular high schoolers have much less sex than their peers think. It's part of a deeper lesson in how misperceptions can make good people behave badly.

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Dumb Art-School Project About Live Anal Sex and Lost Virginity Is Dumb

For almost a year, a 19-year-old London art-school brat claimed he'd stage a jarring art performance in which he'd publicly give up his virginity through anal sex with a male friend. Sounds awful, right? Well, the performance's execution turned out much, much worse. Read more...        

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Why Britain's new porn ban is a dumb idea

Prime Minster David Cameron kicks off a quixotic crusade against pornography

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Jonah Hill insists he’s a ‘serious actor’ now and doesn’t answer dumb questions

Jonah Hill’s comedy days are in the past – he’s a “serious actor” now. Now that the 29-year-old movie star has a Oscar nomination...

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