Delinquent kids have earlier sex

By Kathryn Doyle (Reuters Health) - Kids with behavior problems became sexually active earlier than their peers, in a recent study. Having sex early - before age 16 - increases the risk of teen pregnancy, partner violence, sexually transmitted infections and other negative health outcomes, the researchers say. Other studies have found that behaviors like frequent opposition or rule breaking are ...

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Troubled Boys, Girls Have Sex Earlier, Study Finds

Title: Troubled Boys, Girls Have Sex Earlier, Study Finds Category: Health News Created: 1/26/2015 12:00:00 AM Last Editorial Review: 1/26/2015 12:00:00 AM

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Same-sex marriages start in Florida earlier than expected; couples elated

Same-sex couples in Florida’s Miami-Dade County got a welcome surprise Monday when a judge lifted a stay that allowed same-sex weddings to begin there a day earlier than expected.

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Should sex ed begin earlier?

Georgetown research shows that sex education for prepubescents better prevents STDs, unwanted pregnancy and risky abortions.

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Call for earlier sex education

Sex education at a younger age and free contraception for people as young as 13 are needed to cut teenage pregnancy rates, according to a Holyrood inquiry.

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Kids Are Browsing Porn Earlier Than You Can Even Imagine, According to Study

As a parent, the internet is both a useful and possibly scary tool. It opens the world up for your kids and allows them to experience a ton of info that they wouldn’t have been able to access before the …

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Stonehenge Settled 5,000 Years Earlier Than Thought

Carbon dating near the monument reveals a settlement occupied between 7,500 and 4,700 BC. ->

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Internet porn means birds 'n' bees talk comes earlier

Kids look at porn on the Internet. And yes, let's go further: Y our kids look at porn on the Internet. Gross? Probably, yes. But it's reality.

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Internet porn means birds 'n' bees talk comes earlier, says expert

Kids look at porn on the Internet. And yes, let's go further: Y our kids look at porn on the Internet. Gross? Probably, yes. But it's reality.

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New Dating Methods Put Neanderthal Extinction Much Earlier Than Previously Thought

Lawrence LeBlond for - Your Universe Online Popular theories have placed the Neanderthal extinction at about 35,000 years ago, based on dating of the earliest bone fossils found at a Neanderthal site in southern Iberia. However, researchers from Australia and Europe are now refuting that evidence after taking another careful look at the bones and implementing an improved method to ...

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