Why you should buy your .sucks domain name before someone else does

Along with .porn, .adult and now more than 500 others, in June .sucks will become another new internet domain. And what’s to stop someone from registering yourname.sucks before you do? Taylor Swift wouldn’t let that happen Name: .sucks Age: So new that it doesn’t even exist yet. Related: Why everyone should register a domain name | Dan Gillmor Continue reading...

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Taylor Swift Bought TaylorSwift.Porn Before Someone Else Got There First

Other top names are taking similar precautions before the .adult and .porn domains are released to the public

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Google's Porn Flip Flop and Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

Porn is back on Blogger, Ericsson wants to stop all U.S. iPhone sales, and the Pebble Time crushes its own Kickstarter record. All this and more in today's BitStream. Read more...

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Six products originally invented for something else

Sometimes brilliant inventions fail because the right application isn't immediately clear. Here are six products, including Viagra and bubble wrap, which were invented for a completely different purpose than the one which we know them for today

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Irish people spend longer watching porn than almost anyone else in Europe

And Dubliners take longer than the national average.

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Spanking BANNED from porn under new government law - what else isn't allowed?

Spanking, being tied up and female ejaculation are now all banned from internet porn under a new law. Sex workers aren't best pleased

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Why all men should have someone else do their online dating for them

A new concept called the Personal Dating Assistant offers so many things that men need when online dating. Things like patience and taste. Well, you'd hope. As it turns out, perhaps not so much.

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I was a victim of revenge porn. I don't want anyone else to face this | Annmarie Chiarini

My ex sold nude photos of me on eBay and put them on a porn site. But I fought back and am pushing to make this illegal In February 2010, my ex-boyfriend, Joey (name changed) and I had a fight over a skirt I wore to work. He deemed the skirt too short. He shamed me, called me a hooker, and accused me of sleeping with all my male friends. After watching his jealousy and possessiveness steadily ...

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