3-min erotic video featuring Miley Cyrus 'pulled' from NYC porn festival

New York, Feb 11 (ANI): The upcoming NYC Porn Film Festival, which had planned to run the short film 'Miley Cyrus: Tongue Tied,' has removed the film from the festival's lineup after the producers and the singer's representatives asked organizer Simon Leahy to do so. The 22-year-old singer's representatives said that the festival's organizer lied when he said Cyrus had personally submitted a 3 ...

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Erotic Public Art Whips Parisians Into Butt Plug Buying Frenzy

Paul McCarthy's Tree is the holiday gift that keeps on giving. First, the massive inflatable butt plug sparked right wing outrage and vandalism ; then, it inspired French president Francois Hollande to pen an impassioned butt plug defense. Now, the giant butt plug is gone, but hundreds of ordinary-sized butt plugs have sprung up in its wake. Read more...

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Dutch halal sex shop hooks up with German erotic giant

A Dutch online shop selling halal sex products announced Wednesday an alliance with Europe's largest erotic retailer to tap into the lucrative Muslim market, potentially worth billions of euros. The founder of Amsterdam-based El Asira, Abdelaziz Aouragh, said the deal with Frankfurt-listed Beate Uhse came four years after his company first launched a range of erotic products that do not ...

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Australian Porn Star Angela White Caught Making Erotic Film in University Library

An Australian porn star secretly filmed an erotic movie inside a university library without permission, while students studied nearby. Angela White, who once ran as a candidate for the Sex Party in the 2010 Victoria state elections, filmed the porn film with a partner discreetly sometime this year, perthnow.com.au has reported. She made the movie with a male co-star in the La Trobe University ...

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Porn star offers Duke players erotic prize for NCAA title

Porn star offers Duke players prize

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Sex sells: Erotic watches worth millions

There's a collectible market for sex-filled timepieces—called "erotic" watches, or what some would call "pocket porn."

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'Sex with Glass": Erotic Google Glass App that Records and Replays Sessions from New Perspectives

"Sex with Glass" is a new erotic app for Google Glass that allows users to shoot videos with the device during intercourse. "Having sex with Google Glass on brings a completely new perspective", it said on its website.

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Erotic Ennui

Why can’t gay porn be more like real sex — just a lot better? read more

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Erotic director plans film on Berlusconi 'babes'

Italian soft porn director Tinto Brass, the subject of a documentary screening at Venice film festival Saturday, told reporters he wants to make a film about ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's escorts.

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Former porn star reinvents herself as erotic novelist

EVER since Fifty Shades of Grey shifted 40 million copies around the world last year, publishers have sought another sex-riddled bestseller to tempt us.

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