IdealSpot Launches in Time to Save Shake Shack from Costly Real Estate Selection Blunders

IdealSpot announces the launch of its real estate analytics and location search service, bringing the tools formerly available only to large corporations to every business. By anal

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OTS: Hahn Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft / European Real Estate GmbH & Co. Nr. 1 … « Finanzportal – Aktien ...

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Porn Out, Hotels In as Sunset Strip Reborn: Real Estate

The James Los Angeles hotel will open in 2016. The James Los Angeles hotel will open in 2016. Close The James Los Angeles hotel will open in 2016.

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Zillow wants to make online real estate listings more like online dating

Zillow is buying Trulia. Here

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Helaba – Marktkommentar Aktien: Hypo Real Estate, VW, SAP, KUKA « Finanzportal – Aktien – Börse – Kurse ...

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Richter schlägt Vergleich im Prozess gegen Hypo Real Estate vor « Finanzportal – Aktien – Börse – Kurse ...

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ROUNDUP 2: Ex-Chef der Hypo Real Estate sagt Auftritt vor Gericht ab « Finanzportal – Aktien – Börse ...

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Same-Sex Marriage, Real Estate and the Law

Many laws treat same-sex homeowners differently from traditional married couples.

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Same-sex couples, real estate and the law

Same-sex couples often jump through legal hoops when dealing with their joint finances -- and owning real estate is no exception. If the Supreme Court strikes down the law that defines marriage as the legal union between a man and a woman, some, but not all, of these obstacles may be removed.

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Estate tax issues of same-sex marriage

The tax challenges that same-sex married couples face can extend beyond the usual added work and extra expense of regular tax-return filing. Same-sex married couples who want to share their wealth must cope with additional estate tax planning and potential costs.

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