One in every thousand tweets is porn

Twitter publishes hundreds of thousands of pornographic images every day, potentially allowing children open access to one of the world's largest stores of explicit photos.

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One sex worker 'attacked every day'

More than one sex worker is raped or attacked every day in the UK, fresh figures have revealed.

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Revenge porn victim wants $0.10 in damages for every Facebook subscriber in the world

A Facebook user who claims the social network has failed to take action against a fake “revenge porn” Facebook page despite being notified about it, wants the company to pay $0.10 for every subscriber it has, or around $123 million in damages, The Wrap has learned. Meryem Ali filed a lawsuit against Facebook and her former friend, Adeel Shah Khan, who has apparently created the revenge porn ...

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Pop Culture Pet Peeve: Not every sex scene needs a lift

There’s very little that’s realistic about Hollywood sex scenes—the passionate kisses in the rain, the way everyone wakes up perfectly

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Porn mag 'Hustler' sent to every congress member since 1983

Washington, Apr.18 (ANI): The Porn magazine Hustler has reportedly been sent to every congress member since 1983. The National Journal reported that the Larry Flynt's publication has sent the porno mags in plain manila envelopes to every Congressional office as it was Flynt's unusual way of petitioning the government. The court stated that receiving Hustler once each month would not unduly ...

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Wrestlemania XXX Box Score: Every Suplex, Chair Hit, And Top Rope Dive

In the depths of kayfabe, there's really no difference between a suplex, a top-rop dive, or a steel chair—every move, hold, and stunt is just a means to the dramatic end. You can't quantify a comeback or a domination when the comeback is part of the script. But: Who really cares? Here's your Wrestlemania XXX box score. Read more...

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What every guy should know about dating: consent counts | Andy Fitzgerald

I'm a firm believer in 'no means no' when it comes to sex, but consent should be relevant long before the bedroom I've never been particularly forward when it comes to romance. Much of this probably stems from the usual impediments we all face: fear of rejection or embarrassment. Going through the various stages of: is this person interested in me, or do they just want to be friends? Oh, she's ...

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Sex And Intimacy At Every Age

Make sure the children are in another room as sex is about to be discussed. Sex in your 20s all the way into your 90s. As CBS4's Cynthia Demos found out, a new book is exploring female sexuality through the ages and the author's findings are positively blush-worthy.

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Niche Online Dating Promises A Different Site For Every Preference

The cyber-dating industry is stretching far beyond its mass-market beginnings, with niche dating sites for every lifestyle or preference. "You name the obscure interest, there's probably a site for it," says online dating expert Dan Slater.

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Would YOU spend £60,000 finding love? Britain's priciest dating agency says it's worth every penny - and free app ...

Liz Jones and Femail's dating blogger try out the exclusive service and tell us exactly how their dates went.

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