Children addicted to porn? Don’t believe everything the surveys say

Recent news stories making startling claims have come off the back of polls that were conducted by research companies. But how trustworthy are they? Last week, the NSPCC and ChildLine released the results of a survey suggesting that a tenth of 12- to 13-year-olds fear they are “addicted” to pornography. Within days, the government had announced a new policy on internet restriction, justified in ...

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Google's Porn Flip Flop and Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

Porn is back on Blogger, Ericsson wants to stop all U.S. iPhone sales, and the Pebble Time crushes its own Kickstarter record. All this and more in today's BitStream. Read more...

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Tinder's paid subscription service could ruin everything that made the app great

Tinder Plus could see the dating app risk its App Store dominance.

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Tinder’s paid subscription service could ruin everything that made it great

Flickr Tinder, the outrageously popular free dating app, is going through a huge change. It’s in the middle of launching a paid subscription product called Tinder Plus, currently being tested in some European countries.  Many Tinder users feel that the update ruins everything that made the original version great, namely because it will limit the number of swipes users have.  Tinder is popular ...

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Timing is everything: How to sync up your sex schedules

Do you crave some early-morning action while your man is ready and rearing to go at midnight? According to experts, you’re not alone. In fact, “differing sexual desires or ‘schedules’...

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Same-Sex Marriage, Abortion, Marijuana: A Midterm Election Can Change Everything

Voter turnout has had a huge impact on same-sex marriage in the state of California. Don't let apathy prevent your voice from being heard in the 2014 midterm election.

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Why sex is good for your brain and also staves off everything from heart disease to cancer and headaches - if you keep ...

Having more sex could not only make us feel good, it could provide far-reaching health benefits.

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Everything Porn Taught You Is Wrong [CRACKED Book Excerpt]

Credit: Weknowmemes Our drinking buddies (and procrastination-enablers) at Cracked just released their second book, "The De-Text Book," which busts myth after myth that you probably believe. And since porn teaches guys plenty of misconceptions about sex, here's an excerpt to keep you from mistaking fantasy for reality, unless your sex life is way crazier than […]

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Science and sex: Everything you wanted to know about 'doing it'

"How We Do It" may sound like a sex manual, but it isn't: In fact, that's about the only topic you won't find addressed in anthropologist Robert Martin's book-length survey of human reproduction and what we can learn from the animal world.There's still news you can use, however. For example, how long should mothers breastfeed their babies? The standard advice from the World Health Organization ...

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Sex please, we’re Canadian. Survey lays bare everything from threesomes to canoe canoodles

Three’s company for millions of Canadians, with more than one in five sexually active adults – 22 per cent – saying they’ve done the deed with two or more partners at the same time, and another 29 per cent saying [...]

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