Wife explains how God helped her deal with husband's porn addiction and later saved him from it

XXX Church is promoting Jennifer Smith's new book called The Unveiled Wife, in which the author opens up about her husband's porn addiction and how she struggled with feelings of bitterness and regret before overcoming them.

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Model explains why HIV prevention dosing differs by sex

A mathematical model predicts that women must take the antiretroviral medication Truvada daily to prevent HIV infection via vaginal sex, whereas just two doses per week can protect men from HIV infection via anal sex. This finding helps explain why two large clinical trials testing HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, in women failed to show efficacy.

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Sarah Gidick Explains Why She Set Up Porn For Women (Which Isn't Really Porn)

Porn for women , also known as ThePFW.com isn't exactly porn, but that's quite alright. Founder Sarah Gidick started the site originally as an Instagram account, which then became so successful, she turned it into a proper website. At first, it started as a site for women to share pictures of male celebs or other high profile men to drool over admire. It pretty much took a practice that some of ...

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BYU-Idaho Prez Explains Viral Anti-Porn Video

Says porn addiction can lead to serious problems

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Scarlett Johansson Explains Why She's Pro-Porn, "Can Be Productive to Both Men and Women"

Pornography is a major theme in Scarlett Johansson's latest film and believe it or not, she has her own personal views on watching adult programming. The 28-year-old actress, who is...

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Australian Classification Board Explains Saints Row Anal Probe-lem - News

Doesn't like anal probes, but rather enjoys explaining how they work. [Posted 26 Jun 2013 by Svend Joscelyne ] As we reported yesterday, Saints Row IV has been effectively banned in Australia following a classification refusal from the country's Classification Board. Now the organisation has revealed the reason behind the decision - an anal probe. In a rather spectacular statement, the ...

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Shocking, Football, Tornado, Porn: Science Explains Why You’ll Read This Article

It turns out, there’s a science to popular headlines. And it involves writing about certain topics in a tabloid-y way. Don’t write about finance. Or markets. Or, for the sake of little children everywhere, petroleum. These public affairs are highly unappealing topics to most of us. Stick to safer bets like religion, sports, crime, or--and this is one of those rare gems in publishing that you can ...

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Chelsea Handler Explains American Dating Scene, "Casual Sex" to Singer Paloma Faith—Watch Now!

Dating is tough on both sides of the pond. But British singer Paloma Faith finds the singles scene much more confusing in the States than back home. On Monday's Chelsea Lately, the...

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‘Concerned Father’ Explains: Gay Marriage Can Lead To Anal Sex, ‘Ejaculation Inside Of A Colon’

Testifying against same-sex marriage this week, "concerned Minnesotan father and husband” Mike Frey explained that gay marriage can lead to something called sodomy, and thus -- horrors! -- “ejaculation inside of a colon," leading to the AIDS and all kinds of horrific lesions.

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President Obama Explains Legal Argument for Same-Sex Marriage

President Obama today strongly suggested that his interpretation of the Constitution does support a fundamental right to same-sex marriage, even if he didn’t put that argument in writing before the Supreme Court in a legal brief against California’s Proposition 8. “What we’ve said is that...

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