Revenge Porn Felony Conviction: Kevin Bollaert Faces 20 Years In Online Extortion Scheme

A California court has just sent a stern message to online entrepreneurs who want to monetize revenge porn : Your crime is a felony and you could face decades in prison. That is a possibility for San Diego resident Kevin Bollaert, 28, who was found guilty Monday of identity theft and extortion for posting nude and compromising images of (mostly) women sent in anonymously by their exes and then ...

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Revenge porn becomes a felony in Hawaii

There are entire websites dedicated to revenge porn; where jilted lovers take revenge by posting racy photos online.

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Posting 'revenge porn' photos could soon be a felony in Florida

State Senator David Simmons, of Orlando, filed legislation Thursday that would make posting “revenge porn” photos a third-degree felony. [READ: Local 6's first 'Revenge Porn' report ] Simmons, a veteran attorney, says Florida law needs to catch up with technology to protect victims from “bad decisions” made during a relationship. Simmons says women send intimate photographs to their boyfriend or ...

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