Why online porn filters were doomed to failure

Porn filters were mooted as the answer to our growing porn problem, but they were never going to work, writes Martin Daubney

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Report: New UK Broadband Users Give Porn Filters the Shaft

75 percent of major ISPs failed to get even 10 percent of new users to opt for the porn filters

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Man who helped draw up U.K.’s porn filters is being investigated for child pornography

To say that the U.K.’s Internet porn filter policy has been a predictably hilarious disaster would be understating things. The filters have blocked U.K. web users’ access to legitimate health websites and have even censored websites of anti-pornography politicians simply because those websites frequently mentioned the evils of porn. And now The Guardian reports that the U.K.’s porn filters have ...

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Smarpthone 'Porn Browser' Launched to Bypass UK Porn Filters

A web browser called Jerky has been launched to help people bypass the UK porn filter.

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Three out of four ISPs porn filters fail to protect children

Recently introduced porn filters for four main internet service providers are failing to protect children from harmful content, tests have found        

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Liberal Democrats vow to block porn filters

Child safety experts and MPs called the move ‘irresponsible’ and warned it would undermine attempts to protect children from hardcore pornography.

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Anti-porn politician’s website blocked by porn filters she advocated

As was predicted by just about everyone, the United Kingdom’s initiative to get U.K. ISPs to add default pornography filters has been a complete and utter disaster so far. Not only have the filters been blocking access to pornographic content but they’ve also been blocking access to health information websites and charity websites among other unintended targets. There is some justice to come out ...

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The Best Story Yet About The UK's Online Porn Filters

This is a very short little story indeed but it is just too, too, delicious to not give it airtime. The UK has decided that all ISPs must deploy opt-in pornography filters: so that children are not by chance or mishap exposed to "legal hardcore porn" in the words of the Prime Minister, David Cameron. This is, as you are obviously aware, as a result of a campaign by the usual suspects to insist ...

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Bypass UK Porn Filters? ‘Go Away Cameron’ Google Chrome Extension Claims To Do Just That

A new extension for Google’s Chrome browser claims to let users bypass David Cameron’s much-touted pornography filters. But is it legal, and does it even work? Reuters

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British Porn Filters Block Sex Education And Rape Crisis Sites

To the surprise of absolutely no one at all the new ISP level pornogaphy filters in the UK are not working very well. They manage not to catch all the porn sites: that's not unusual ,there's so many of them that no one is going to get them all. However, they also manage to block much more worthwhile sites as well, such as sex education sites and even a domestic abuse advisory site.

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