Porn star offers 16-hour sex marathon to Russian forward if he scores five more goals this season

London, Apr 09 (ANI): A Russian porn star has offered a 16-hour sex marathon to a forward from her nation if he scores five goals by the end of Russia's Premier League Championship. Porn actress Alina Yeremenko, who goes by the stage name Alina Henessy, revealed that she would bed Dynamo Moscow forward Alexander Kokorin during an interview in which she scored players points out of 10.

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Porn star offers Russian forward 16-hour sex session if he scores five more goals this season

A Russian porn star has offered a footballer a 16-hour sex marathon if he scores five goals by the end of Russia’s Premier League Championship.

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Amid opposition, Miami-Dade County goes forward with same-sex marriage (+video)

Miami-Dade Circuit judge, Sarah Zabel, awarded the state of Florida's first two licenses out ahead of gay marriage being made legal statewide, however some state politicians are continuing to fight to uphold the state's 2008 ban on same-sex marriage. 

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Oakland car dealer's ad a step forward for same-sex equality

The fight for acceptance of same-sex marriage has been debated in the U.S. Supreme Court and featured in scholarly books like the recently released Forcing the Spring: Last week, One Toyota, an Oakland car dealership, quietly began running a sweet but groundbreaking spot on Bay Area television stations. The "reveal" is so subtle that some viewers, like the ones in our house, may have to play the ...

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Two weeks notice: How to move forward with Triple H vs Daniel Bryan ahead of WrestleMania XXX

How to go about with the Daniel Bryan- Triple H feud ahead of WrestleMania XXX.

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Lawsuit Challenging Pa. Same-Sex Marriage Ban to Move Forward

Hawaii legalized same-sex marriage earlier this week. Illinois could become the next domino to follow. Will Pennsylvania be far behind?

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New Mexico Anal Probe: Woman To File Lawsuit After Anal And Vaginal Probe In Drug Search; Third Victim To Come Forward

Just days after a New Mexico man filed a federal lawsuit claiming he was subjected to 14 hours of anal probing, enemas and other procedures by police officers and medical professionals, a woman has come forward saying she experienced a similar violation.

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Is crowd-funded porn a step forward?

In the world of modern sex education, online pornography is teacher, textbook, mentor and Cyprian.

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Same-sex marriage rulings complicate path forward for GOP

Moments after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a pair of same-sex marriage cases, the handful of Democrats considering running for president in 2016 stumbled over themselves in a rush of celebratory reaction, blasting out a salvo of congratulatory press releases and tweets.

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Same-sex marriage ruling complicates path forward for GOP

Republican tacticians understand that winning modern races often means surviving the obstacle course of a conservative-dominated primary before having to appeal to general election voters who, nationally, view same-sex marriage as a non-issue.

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