Your online porn habits may not be as secret as you think

If you thought last year’s hacked celebrity nude photo scandal was bad, imagine what it would be like if the whole world knew your online porn viewing habits. That’s the scary prospect...

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What do North Korea’s porn habits say about their culture?

John Hopton for - @Johnfinitum A new video from PornHub, one of the leading porn sites in the world, gives an insight into pornography use in North Korea. Based on their own stats, PornHub enlightens us as to the habits of North Koreans in terms of demographic, time per visit and fetishes. What can this tell us about North Korea’s secretive culture? First off, here’s the video (FYI ...

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Four dating habits to stop doing now (as told in GIFs)

If you’ve noticed a growing sense of cynicism when it comes to dating, you’re not alone. Go out for dinner with a group of single friends like I did recently, and the conversation will inevitably turn to a discussion of everything that’s apparently wrong with modern relationships. While technology has made it easier for is to connect in some ways,

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Jim Shea: Porn Viewing Habits of Red and Blue States

Connecticut makes mediocre showing When you come across a story that asks who views more porn, those in red states (Republicans) or those in blue states (Democrats), well you have to read on.

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Porn And Sex Selfies: The Habits Of People Who Cheat Are Revealed In New Survey

Most of us are under the assumption that the main reason people cheat is to have lots and lots of sex . However, a new survey that polled the members of an extra-marital dating revealed that while porn and sex selfies feature highly, people in affairs only have sex about twice a month. Members of - in Britain and globally - answered questions about their love life and practices ...

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Porn habits of Worcestershire folk revealed

A TANTALISING glimpse into the online porn habits of Worcestershire people has been revealed after one of the UK’s biggest porn sites shared its visitor figures.

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British Online Porn Habits Revealed In Exhaustive Pornhub Survey

British people like their porn long, British and starring Lisa Ann. released the findings in a (largely safe for work) blog post, writing that the UK tends to watch more porn, and watch it for longer, than most people in the world. While the study was restricted to the users of that particular site, they did find some pretty interesting trends. Pornhub said that British people "last ...

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Porn habits of Welwyn Hatfield revealed

The porn habits of Welwyn Hatfield web users have been revealed by a leading adult website.

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Bad dating habits you need to break

It's a new year and if you're tired of being single, you may need to shed some of those bad dating habits.

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Executive bad habits, including porn, endanger corporate security

Now we know the real reason that executives need their own private offices. They're enjoying porn on company equipment. But that's not even the worst executive habit to bring malware into corporate environments. According to ThreatTrack Security , top executives play a major, unintentional role in helping hackers breach their companies' defenses. ThreatTrack recently reported the results of a ...

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