Lack of Revenge Porn laws in Texas makes it difficult to protect victims

SHERMAN, Texas -- Creating revenge porn is the act of posting a nude or sexually explicit photo of someone online without their permission. But in Texas, that's not illegal. Prosecutors say in some cases, they can file charges for harassment, or online impersonation, but right now, there's no specific charge for creating or posting revenge porn.

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AbleGamers' weird weekend of porn stars, charity and a possible DDoS attack [correction]

AbleGamers became the target of a DDoS attack over the weekend after the charity founders declined to accept funds from porn star Mercedes Carrera because of her undisclosed connection to the GamerGate movement, according to the gaming and disability charity. Carrera, who could not be reached for comment, told Destructoid she denies involvement in a DDoS attack. AbleGamers says it initially ...

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