Online porn use: How much is healthy? Part II

John Hopton for - @Johnfinitum (In case you missed, Part I of this series.) In our last article on healthy versus unhealthy pornography usage (yep, apparently porn use can be healthy), we talked about casual use and how a society that is more open about sex can be a good thing. But along with Casual Porn Users, expert Robert Weiss identifies two other categories – both of which are ...

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Online porn use: How much is healthy? Part I

John Hopton for - @Johnfinitum Let’s get one thing straight from the start: all men use porn. And don’t just take our word for it; that’s the assessment of Robert Weiss, co-author of Always Turned On: Sex Addiction in the Digital Age , who spoke to redOrbit about careful casual use, the warning signs for when a universal habit becomes dangerous, and how America should adjust its ...

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Voluptuous Veg: Can Food Porn Seed Lust For Healthy Eating?

Tempting-looking spoonfuls of chocolate are plentiful online. Beautiful Brussels sprouts? Not so much. A campaign aims to boost the number of these images and whet our appetites for healthy foods.

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Nick Jonas Says, "Sex Is a Healthy Part of Life"—But He Doesn't Make Love to His Own Music

Does Nick Jonas have sex to his own sultry music?! In a titillating new interview with the New York Post's Alexa magazine, the super-hot 22-year-old singer was asked if he and...

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Nick Jonas: ‘Sex is a healthy part of life’

As a jacked-up, buzz-cut, cage fighter with sex scenes galore, you’d never recognize Nick Jonas from his celibate, scrawny boy-band days. Truth is, Nick, the star of DirecTV’s brutal drama...

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It takes more than luck to be in a healthy teen dating relationship

It takes more than luck to be in a healthy teen dating relationship. It takes a parent or loved one who is willing to talk with their teenager about dating. As they grow up, we tell our children to “Look both ways before crossing the street,” “Do not talk to strangers, “Do not take drugs or alcohol,” etc. But one area we need to emphasize is healthy dating relationships.

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Children of same-sex couples healthy, well-adjusted, study finds

A new study debunks negative stereotypes about the well-being of kids with same-sex parents

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Gail Kerr: Lawmakers' fixation on UT's Sex Week isn't healthy

Sex Week concerns are overblown while lawmakers ignore real problems.

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Healthy Kids: When your teen starts dating

If you have a teenager, it is very likely that he or she is dating, or is at least showing interest in dating.

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Sex keeps you healthy

Men who have sex at least twice in a week can almost halve their risk of heart disease, according to new research. This study was conducted with over 1,000 men. Sex is an activity that involves intense physical and emotional elements. Sexual intercourse may be a marker for a healthy heart because sex can be...  [Read More...]

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