The Impact of Not Getting Vaccinated, in One Terrifying Video

You would think governments and individuals would make vaccinating citizens against harmful diseases a high priority. But this video, based off a map created by the Council on Foreign Relations , shows that this isn’t always the case—and as a result, whooping cough, measles, and polio have returned in epidemic proportions in some areas. Why do people shun vaccines for life-threatening diseases ...

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One year later: Same-sex marriage ruling's impact

It's been one year since the Supreme Court's monumental ruling on same-sex marriage, and many couples have already seen their lives change dramatically.

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Porn may impact brain

Researchers have found less grey matter in men who watched large amounts of sexually explicit material.

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Sex crimes have lasting impact on victims and offenders

Some Sex offenders spend a life time being monitored by law enforcement. Their victims are impacted for life. There are specific laws in place to protect people from sexual predators. But not all are in agreement that the laws apply to every person convicted of a sex crime.

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Sex, Jobs and $64K: the Impact of a Pack of Cigarettes

Tucked inside every pack of cigarettes is the secret to a better sex life, increased job security and the chance to save $64,000. Despite the constant drumbeat of dire consequences and stomach-turning ads, 43 million Americans still smoke. Of whom, … Continue reading →

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Same-sex marriage debate could impact proposed Utah nondiscrimination bill

The battle over same-sex marriage could change how a proposed statewide nondiscrimination law plays out in the Utah...

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WrestleMania XXX promises New Orleans 'windfall'; study cites $100 million impact for past hosts

The annual WrestleMania event generated over $100 million in economic impact for New York and New Jersey in April 2013.

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How will second HIV case impact the porn industry?

The revelation that a second porn star has contracted HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, will likely have little to no impact on the bottom line of major porn studios but could act as a rallying point for supporters of mandatory condom laws.

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Same-sex marriage ruling: Financial impact

Same-sex marriage ruling: Financial impact

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Watching porn may not impact young people's sexual behaviour

Sydney, Jun. 3 (ANI): For long, watching porn has been blamed for increase in sexual practices among teens but a new study has suggested that explicit material only has a small impact.

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