Watching porn could improve your sex life

Montreal, March 17 (IANS) Watching porn can actually enhance sexual arousal and is unlikely to cause erectile problems, a study from the University of California, Los Angeles and Concordia University has revealed. "We found that the men who had watched more sex films at home were more aroused when they watched sex films in the lab," said Nicole Prause, associate research scientist in the ...

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CORRECTING and REPLACING Lenovo Announces a Strategic Alliance with Zenoss to Improve IT Service Delivery

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The GOOD Gift Guide: Non-Self-Help Books That Will Improve Your Life

Under no circumstances should you ever gift someone a self-help book. But giving a present that has the end result of improving the receiver’s life? That just might be priceless. It’s a hard trick to pull off, though. We’ve selected a few nifty, new publications that happen to be both aesthetically dreamy and intellectually stimulating, all but assuring your loved one will be more creative, a ...

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Could VIAGRA improve memory? Drug used to treat erectile problems could be used to stave off dementia

Scientists from St George's, University of London believe Tadalfil - which is in the same family as Viagra - could treat dementia by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the brain.

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How To Improve Your Sex Life (Try A Post-Coital Cuddle With Your Partner)

When it comes to improving your sex life, most people think about one thing - foreplay. Everyone knows that a bit of kissing and touching before sex can help build anticipation and lay the foundations for optimum pleasure. But, according to a recent study, it's what couples do together after sex has a big impact on how they feel about their own sexual satisfaction and their relationship with ...

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How to improve your love life with hi-tech sex toys

From the Google Glass Sex app to a very friendly robot – there are more ways than one to push your buttons Oculus Rift Sex Simulator What do you get when you combine a robotic arm, an Oculus Rift headset and a tube (for want of a better word)? A fully immersive sex simulator called the VR Tenga. First demonstrated in November at a conference in Japan, the VR Tenga finally makes it possible to ...

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These Words Are Mathematically Proven To Improve Your Online Dating Profile

With millions of singles skimming profiles on...

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Viagra Does Not Make Men Happier Or Improve Relationships, Says Study

While taking Viagra may improve men 's sexual satisfaction and self-esteem, it doesn't necessarily improve their relationships or make them happier. Erectile dysfunction drugs provide a physical solution to the issue - PDE5 inhibitors relax the blood vessels, allowing blood flow to the penis - they do not address the psychological causes for impotence. Reviewing 40 clinical trials of men with ...

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Viagra DOESN'T improve relationships: Men who took the drug said their overall life satisfaction hadn't changed

Experts say the study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, highlights the need to highlight psychological issues, and not just the mechanics.

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Researchers hopeful Viagra could improve survival and health of unborn babies

A world-first clinical trial is about to get underway in New Zealand and Australia to see if the drug Viagra can also improve the survival and health of unborn babies.

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