Consent Isn’t Enough: The Troubling Sex of Fifty Shades

Love it or despise it, popular culture's sexual fantasy of the moment is Fifty Shades of Grey. When the movie comes out, the Fifty Shades version of hot, kinky sex will become explicit and precise, no longer dependent upon the imaginations of readers. Early on in the first book, Ana discovers that Christian has a “dark secret”: He’s obsessed with BDSM—a condensed abbreviation for bondage and ...

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You might be happy watching porn, but your computer isn’t

Porn sights in the Arab world are having a field day with Lebanon cited as one of the highest hitting countries in the region, according to a recent study. But what are surfers getting for what most consider to be harmless voyeurism?

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For mature audiences only: Sex on TV isn’t just getting hotter — it’s getting smarter

Today?s shows are doing more than just showing some skin.

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ScarJo isn’t the sex symbol you think she is

She's really a talented actress playing the part of sex symbol.

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Why Scarlett Johansson Isn’t The Sex Symbol You Think She Is

She's really a talented actress playing the part of sex symbol.

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‘Extraterrestrial’ isn’t out of this world

Everything you thought you knew about alien invasions and cabins in the woods is regurgitated in “Extraterrestrial,” so reliant on well-trod plot devices (power outage! Anal probes!) that I kept...

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Astonishingly, the UK’s grand porn filter scheme isn’t just blocking porn

The British government forced ISPs to turn on porn filters by default. Who could have guessed these filters would block things like sex education and domestic abuse support services?

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Why Rape Still Isn’t Considered Rape in New York State

On a summer day in New York City in 2011, schoolteacher Lydia Cuomo was held at gunpoint by an off duty police officer named Michael Pena, who then forced her into a variety of sexual acts under the threat of her life. Cuomo survived the ordeal, and, though obviously devastated, was able to find some solace in the fact that she had enough evidence to send her assailant away to prison for a long ...

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Jon Stewart Isn’t Surprised About Vine and Porn

Twitter’s six-second video-sharing app Vine launched with a bit of a porn problem. Vine scurried around and quickly turned the porn problem into a much lesser porn problem by banning many porn-related searches and hiding NSFW material behind warning screens. …

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Online dating isn’t killing marriage!

Despite his controversial piece in the Atlantic, Dan Slater doesn't think technology is destroying monogamy

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