US Law Firm Fights ‘Revenge Porn’ With Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

The advent of “revenge porn” has placed a number of victims in an enormously difficult situation -- how to get their photographs off pornographic websites. The Internet is renowned for its inability to forget , after all. But getting websites to take down pictures of revenge porn victims is not always as hard as it seems, depending on the circumstances around the image. Revenge porn is the non ...

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Sex abuse lawsuits against ‘Sesame Street’ actor dismissed

NEW YORK — Three sex abuse lawsuits against the man who once voiced “Sesame Street’s” Elmo character have been dismissed...

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Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuits Exploding in U.S. Courts

Same-sex marriage proponents are gathering steam.Recent high profile rulings on gay marriage tell only part of the story about the avalanche of lawsuits working their way through state and federal courts, challenging laws that ban or restrict same-sex marriages.        

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Another Judge Slams Prenda Over Porn-Download Lawsuits

There's been another blow to adult movie studio AF Holdings and its lawyers Prenda Law, with a court ruling that they must repay the settlements they received from four alleged BitTorrent pirates.

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Cops Charged And Lawsuits Filed Over Texas 'Anal Probe' Traffic Stops

The Texas Department of Public Safety, already well-known for law enforcement slam dunks like shooting cars from helicopters and never finding the person who burned down Rick Perry's house , now faces criticism and lawsuits over traffic stops from women who say state troopers illegally probed their nether regions. Read more...

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Sex abuse lawsuits against 'Elmo' voice actor dismissed

Three lawsuits alleging sex abuse by Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who gave Sesame Street's Elmo his voice, were dismissed by a judge who ruled the accusers waited too long to sue.

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Sex and power: Are sexual harassment lawsuits more common in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas ranks slightly above the national average for sexual harassment cases, according to local employment law attorneys. But there also are more unreported incidents of harassment here, they said, because Las Vegas’ sex-heavy environment is considered the norm by most valley residents.

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Porn Troll Panics, Dismisses Pending Lawsuits

JayRott writes "According to Ars, 'The embattled copyright trolling firm Prenda Law is seeking to contain the fallout from a looming identity theft scandal by voluntarily dismissing lawsuits filed by the shell company AF Holdings. A Minnesota man named Alan Cooper has charged that Prenda fraudulantly used his name as the CEO of AF Holdings, allegations that have attracted the attention of a ...

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Those Sex Harassment Lawsuits Against American Apparel CEO Dov Charney Were Mostly Bogus, It Turns Out

None of his accusers have won any money.

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Hulk Hogan and 4 More Memorable Lawsuits Over Sex Tapes

Hulk Hogan's not the only star to go on a legal warpath because of a sex tape. Click through for four more memorable celebrity legal battles over raunchy recordings. Given some of their outcomes, maybe he'll get another reality show out of this.

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