Awww! XXX Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Posts Make-Up Letter From Mom On Twitter

Farrah Abraham and her mother Debra Danielson have kissed and made up just in time for Mother’s Day. The Teen Mom-turned-porn star and her mother — whose stormy relationship was… READ ON

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Porn star make-up artist reveals top 'highlighting and contouring' beauty tricks to transform spotty skin into a ...

Melissa 'Makeup' Murphy released before-and-after photos of 93 porn stars to showcase her body of work, and has since been inundated with requests from both women and men to share her secrets.

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Porn stars without make-up - pictures

Make-up artist Melissa Murphy shares on Instagram 'before and after' photos.

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Porn Stars Without Makeup: Revealing Before And After Pictures Of Adult Stars [PHOTOS]

Porn stars are famous for taking it all off, but thanks to an award-winning makeup artist, some of them are revealing even more. Melissa "Makeup" Murphy is exposing what porn stars really look like under their daily mask of foundation, mascara and eyeliner. She is posting before and after photos of 93 porn stars on her Instagram account to reveal her body of work.

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Porn Stars Without Makeup: You Will Never Masturbate Again

Credit: xmelissamakeupx Remember when you discovered that Santa Claus isn't real? Or that your favorite athlete was pumping himself full of steroids? Well, this is 100,000 times worse. Turns out, the ladies of XXX are more like C-. An "award winning makeup artist to the stars" (well, porn stars) released dozens of before-and-after photos on Instagram. [...]

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