Porn-based malware on Facebook infects thousands of accounts in two days

London, Feb 01 (ANI): A porn-based malware on Facebook is believed to have affected over 1,10,000 accounts in the past two days that dupes users into clicking on an adult link that infects their computers with a Trojan to hijack vital parts. According to Daily Star, the link once clicked, asks users to download the latest Flash Player update to view it.

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Malware coders adopt DevOps to target smut sites

Linux VXers are aiming below the belt Porn sites may offer Linux devs more than they bargained for after villains behind one of 2014's nastiest malware campaigns changed tactics to hit adult sites with stealthier wares.…

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Porn Dethroned as Top Source of Mobile Malware

Pornography is no longer the leading source of malware on mobile devices, according to a new study.The non-honor now goes to Web-based ads, according to Blue Coat, a security firm that analyzed data from more than 75 million global users for a report it released Wednesday.        

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Malware Study: Porn Viruses Found On 40 Percent Of Senior Executives' Computers

ThreatTrack Security , a cybersecurity firm based in Clearwater, Fla., published a study that analyzed the origins of malware infection on corporate computer networks. The ThreatTrack study found that 40 percent of malware analysts have removed malware that originated from a senior executive visiting a pornographic website.

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Porn-viewing bosses boost malware

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Porn sites hit back at malware claim

Pornographic websites singled out as being potentially harmful to visitors have hit back at the allegations.

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Are All Porn Sites Really Riddled with Malware?

Pornographic websites, or at least some of them, contain a lot of malware that could infect visitors, a British researcher has found.

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Top porn sites 'pose malware risk'

Some of the web's most-visited porn sites are increasingly putting their visitors at risk of being infected by harmful software, a researcher finds.

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Porn leading to more cases of malware on smart phones

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) -- If you own a PC chances are you've had a run in with malicious software or malware. now, smartphone users are getting the same thing. A new study finds that nearly a quarter of all malware on mobile devices comes from pornography websites. According to the web security company "Blue Coat," smartphone users are three times more likely to inadvertently download malware ...

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