Sex Change Ruling for Mass. Inmate Overturned

A federal appeals court has overturned the ruling that Massachusetts provide a transgender inmate with a sexual reassignment surgery.

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Porn Protesters Stage Mass 'Face-Sitting' Outside Parliament (PICTURES)

WARNING: ADULT CONTENT Adult film stars and freedom of expression campaigners descended on parliament on Friday to protest new laws which ban certain sexual acts from British made pornography. The list of around 10 newly banned activities range from spanking to strangulation. The protesters decided to focus attention on face-sitting, by staging a mass demonstration. As the protest got underway ...

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Porn protest: Mass 'facesitting' and sex simulation to take place outside Parliament

Hundreds of people are planning to simulate sexual acts outside Westminster, in a mass protest against new UK porn laws this Friday. Radhika Sanghani reports

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Parliament face-sit-in to spark mass debate on UK's stiff smut stance

Brits plan Python-powered protest (of the Monty kind) over XXX web stream rules The august members of Blighty's Parliament may have a rather unusual sight to see on Friday: glancing out of their office windows, they could cop an eyeful of pro-porn protesters staging a graphic demonstration of their ire.…

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Same-sex couples plan mass wedding in Kansas on Monday

By Alice Mannette WICHITA Kan. (Reuters) - More than a dozen same-sex couples plan to be married in a mass wedding ceremony outside a courthouse in Wichita on Monday now that such marriages are legal in Kansas, a minister said on Friday. "This is a way to help bring everyone together," said Reverend Jackie Carter of the First Metropolitan Community Church in Wichita, who is organizing the event ...

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Korean WWII sex slaves invited to Seoul papal mass

Korean women forced into sex slavery for Japanese troops during World War II have been invited to a mass to be celebrated by Pope Francis in Seoul in August, a spokeswoman said Tuesday. The invitation comes at a time when relations between Japan and South Korea are a low ebb over Tokyo's recent allegations that there was no evidence to corroborate the testimony of so-called "comfort women" who ...

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10 years after same-sex marriage became legal in Mass., Idaho couples wait on appeals court

Frances Burns WASHINGTON, May 16 (UPI) -- Almost 10 years after the Massachusetts Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage there, same-sex couples in Idaho are waiting on a federal appeals court.

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JFK Airport security supervisor axed after accidentally sending XXX photo of his genitals in mass email blast

A JFK Airport security supervisor has been fired for mistakenly sending out a mass e-mail blast — of his genitals — to nearly two dozen shocked underlings, supervisors and Port Authority executives. The embarrassing incident occurred around 7:15 a.m. June 21 after Gerard Robson, a project manager for private contractor...

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Mass. Senate approves changes to sex offender laws

BOSTON (AP) — The Massachusetts Senate backed a plan Thursday to overhaul the state's procedures for classifying convicted sex offenders in response to the arrest last year of a registered sex offender on charges that he sexually abused infants and small children at his wife's unlicensed day care.        

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Fourteen wounded after mass stabbing at Houston college

On Tuesday, a 21-year-old male student at Lone Star College went on a stabbing spree at his school’s Houston campus. Fourteen people were injured by the student. The assailant was quickly subdued by police following a lockdown of the college. For more on this story, click here.

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