Masters & Johnson: They wrote the book on having sex

The researchers of human sexuality startled the world with their candid findings - and with their own personal story

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From Masters of Sex to Boardwalk Empire: How Accurate Are Fact-Based Dramas?

Halfway through the pilot episode of the Showtime series Masters of Sex, which is based on the story of real-life sex researchers Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, Masters leaves his wife, Libby, in the care of another doctor as she undergoes infertility treatments so he can slip into a neighboring examination room and watch a prostitute masturbate... It's an amazingly rich six minutes ...

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'Masters of Sex': Forget Masters and Johnson, Focus on DePaul and Johnson

"Giants" expands the world of Masters of Sex as Bill Masters begins working at Buell Green, the black hospital, and Betty Moretti's lover Helen (played excellently by Sarah Silverman in a dramatic role) returns to her life. Bill tells Virginia that Lillian is wise to their affair/extracurricular work on the sex study, prompting Virginia to confront Lillian about her perceptions.

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The Other Woman of 'Masters of Sex': Libby Masters

In the first season of Masters of Sex, Libby Masters, Bill's ignored wife, was a largely sympathetic character, one that made audiences question their involvement in Bill and Virginia's relationship. Coral, the African American nanny hired to help care for the Masters' baby, has brought out Libby's truly insidious side in the second season. Libby has revealed her patronizing form of intolerance ...

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Behind the Unusual Opening Credits to Masters of Sex

The art director behind the Emmy-nominated sequence explains how it came together

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'Masters of Sex' Premiere: Can We Root for Masters and Johnson's Relationship?

At some point on Showtime's Masters of Sex—depending on how long it runs, we guess—Virginia Johnson and William Masters will get married, but how should we feel about rooting for them as a couple, right now?  The season premiere ends with Masters and Johnson hashing out the terms of their current relationship in a hotel lobby, deciding that they wouldn't have "an affair." Instead, they agree to ...

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Masters Of Sex

Reviewed by Melissa Maerz | --

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Masters of Sex Producers on What Makes a Sex Scene Sexy

How do you make a show about sex interesting in an era when we’re bombarded by it? Easy. Put three women behind the lens.

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Chris Masters Not Sure About Cesaro Slamming Big Show at WM XXX, Credible's PW 101 Video

"I am pretty sure Big Show jumped for him. Not to take away anything from Cesaro he looks like a talented worker who can probably bring his work down a little bit and his body up, but that’s just my opinion. If he slammed the Big Show than I can probably press the Big Show."

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A psychosexual therapist's view on Masters of Sex

The TV drama about pioneer sex researchers Masters and Johnson understands the prudishness of the period perfectly, says therapist Krystal Woodbridge Dr William Masters and Virginia Johnson were pioneers : without their groundbreaking research into sex, orgasm and sexual dysfunction, we would probably never have reached the level of understanding that we have now. They were the first researchers ...

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