5 HPV myths and the facts behind them

Most will get it and never know it, and many who know they have it will never feel it. 

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Sssh.com Live Event -- Women in Porn: Shattering the Myths

Sssh.com, the web's premier porn-for-women site, announced earlier this month an event called Women in Porn: Shattering the Myths, an interactive panel discussion that brings together prominent women working ...

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14 Sex Myths Busted

Think you know a thing or two about sex? You may be right, but you may also be way off-base. Read on to see what widely accepted “truths� can use a bit of a refresh.

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8 of the biggest myths about sex

It’s accepted as a truism that we live in a sex-drenched culture. From our pop- and reality-TV stars to our ready access to porn, the suggestion is that, when we’re...

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Debunking the First Amendment Myths Surrounding Revenge Porn Laws

Disclosing someone’s nude image in violation of trust and confidence (often known as nonconsensual pornography or revenge porn) is a destructive invasion of privacy that can cause irreversible harm to a person’s physical and emotional well-being, professional reputation, and financial security. Lawmakers are rightfully paying attention. Seven states have criminalized [...]

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10 ways porn perpetuates myths about men and sex

Intense manscaping and injections of Caverject are just a few of the ways porn stars are far from your average dude        

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Sex myths busted

Some trusted tales that have long been taken for granted have now been disproved by a slew of research.

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4 myths about healthy sex

Ever wonder if everyone is having lots of perfect sex… except you and your partner? In fact, chances are your sex life is in better shape than you think—even with the occasional off-night or dry spell. Here, four top myths you shouldn't buy into

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Sex burns calories and other myths

Fact or fiction? Sex burns a lot of calories. Snacking or skipping breakfast is bad. School gym classes make a big difference in kids' weight.

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Sex to burn calories? Authors expose myths about weight loss

Fact or fiction? Sex burns a lot of calories. Snacking or skipping breakfast is bad. School gym classes make a big difference in kids' weight.

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