Farrah Abraham: Porn Star Returns to ‘Teen Mom,’ Fights With Producers

Farrah Abraham–the reality star turned porn star–is back on Teen Mom (now called Teen Mom OG, which stands for ‘original girls’), and in a teaser for the new show, nearly shuts down production. Teen Mom OG will actually show how …

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Producers Sue Actress for Refusing to Film Nude Sex Scene (Exclusive)

Legal papers filed by True Crime also claim that HBO has a policy against women wearing pasties in sex scenes. read more

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With porn producers fleeing L.A. in droves, why aren’t they coming to Toronto?

The adult industry has long been synonymous with L.A. It’s Hollywood’s dirty cousin, a doppelganger with a bit more grime. But that may not be true for much longer

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Masters of Sex Producers on What Makes a Sex Scene Sexy

How do you make a show about sex interesting in an era when we’re bombarded by it? Easy. Put three women behind the lens.

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Porn company sues Lovelace producers

The company that owns the rights to adult movie Deep Throat takes legal action to block the release of a biopic about its star, Linda Lovelace.

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Porn producers say unprotected sex is free speech right

Pornographic movie makers told a judge that a Los Angeles County voter-approved measure requiring adult-film actors to wear condoms violates their constitutional right to free speech.

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Porn Producers Say Unprotected Sex Is Free Speech Right

Pornographic movie makers told a judge that a Los Angeles County voter-approved measure requiring adult-film actors to wear condoms violates their constitutional right to free speech.

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Porn producers accused of running prostitution ring

Phoenix Police and federal agents raided a porn business Thursday night. And detectives say they were doing much more than just making dirty movies.

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Porn producers look for different filming locales

CAMARILLO - A new ordinance has adult film production crews looking for other locations to shoot their movies and videos.

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LA porn producers consider moving due to new condom rules

Strict new condom regulations in LA County means many producers are looking for alternative sites to shoot

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