Pfizer, Alibaba, Rightscorp, Netlist: Intellectual Property

Pfizer Inc. (PFE) , the maker of Lipitor and Viagra, sent a letter to physicians in the U.K. warning them that even through the patent in its anti-epilepsy drug pregabalin has expired, a patent on its use remains in effect.

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How to Tell Good Property Agents from Bad Ones

By Property Soul (Guest Contributor) After I sold one of my properties exclusively by my property agent, another agent who used to lease that property for me learned about it and said, “What? Only $XXX,XXX? I could have easily sold thirty to fifty thousand higher for you!” I know how the deal can be pushed

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Sanofi, Alkermes Name, Pandora: Intellectual Property

Sanofi (SAN) sees an attractive opportunity in the rampant market for counterfeit Viagra: luring men away from dodgy online pharmacies with an over-the-counter version of a competing erection drug.

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Bill Dobbie’s Cupid diversifies from dating into property

CUPID, the internet dating firm launched by serial technology entrepreneur Bill Dobbie, is diversifying from its “Be Naughty” and “Flirt” brands by moving into the property market.

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Same Sex Couples - Registered Domestic Partners - Community Property - What A Mucking Fess

IRS just issued two FAQs, one for same sex married couples and the other for registered domestic partners (RDPs) in community property states.  (Not sure about the second link being the most up to date).  This stuff is really making me crazy.  Don't blame the IRS.  As my blogging buddy Robert Flach, The Wandering Tax Pro, says it is the idiots in Congress.   (I stole "mucking fess" from him too ...

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