People are turning to Reddit to get dating tips for Tinder and OkCupid

Dating in the digital age.

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Dating Mining Reddit Posts Reveals How to Ask For a Favor--And Get it

There’s a secret to asking strangers for something and getting it. Now data scientists say they’ve discovered it by studying successful requests on the web

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Christians Find Help for Porn, Masturbation Addiction Through 'NoFap' Community Started on Reddit by 24-Y-O Web ...

A growing online community called "NoFap" with more than 83,000 members on is helping people kick pornography and masturbation addictions, and even Christians are finding a haven for healing in it.

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Can You Tell the Difference Between a Cosmo Sex Tip and a Reddit Sex Tip?

The intrepid self-proclaimed sex savants at Cosmopolitan took a subtle dig at the Internet netizens at Reddit by insinuating in a recent listicle that the "ultra-nerds" there have no idea how to handle sexy times with a woman. And, well, that went over about as well as you would expect it would when an oft-mocked women's magazine mocks a group of men with a lot of power on the Internet. But is ...

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Dating sites help you find love by browsing reddit, watching lolcats

New services match based on favorite subreddits or taste in humor. Can it work?

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