Removal of Saints Row IV alien anal probe fails to secure Australian rating for second time

Saints Row IV  has been refused classification in Australia for a second time by the country's Classification Review Board. The game had already achieved the [dubious] distinction of being the first title to be refused classification under the new system as a result of an alien anal probe weapon and incentivised drug use.  By: Philippa Warr, Continue reading...

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Saints Row 4 denied release in Australia, again

Cheeky open-world adventure Saints Row 4 has been slapped with a fresh ban after being resubmitted to Aussie censors. The Australian Classification Board's three-member panel unanimously determined that the game was still unsuitable for release, despite the removal of its previously-offending alien anal probe . "In the Review Board's opinion, Saints Row 4 could not be accommodated within the R ...

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Saints Row 4 season pass detailed

Saints Row 4's Season Pass has will grant access to two pieces of DLC along with exclusive access to the too-offensive-for-Australia "Rectifier" anal probe, publisher Deep Silver has announced. Priced at £7.99 / € 9.99 / $9.99, the Season pass will contain the Enter the Dominatrix DLC - which was originally going to be a standalone adventure after beginning life as planned DLC for Saints Row ...

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Saints Row IV anal probe weapon exclusive to season pass

Deep Silver details Saints Row IV season pass as game goes gold.

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Deep Silver: Saints Row IV anal probe cuts will push back Australian release

Games publisher Deep Silver has responded to the appearance of a  "low violence" version of  Saints Row IV  on the Australian region version of the Steam store. A spokesperson for the publisher told that the labelling of the edition was done by Steam rather than Deep Silver.   By: Philippa Warr, Edited by: Nate Lanxon Continue reading...

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Saints Row 4 Refused Classification in Australia

Saints Row 3 had the penetrator. Saints Row 4 has the alien anal probe.

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Saints Row 4 refused classification in Australia

Classification Board ruling due to the appearance of an anal probe weapon and "alien narcotics" in the video game. fuck ray j and kim kardashian sex tape free long sex videos older mature movie australia classification saints refused negative pregnancy test but pregnant

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→26 JUN 2013 It was revealed yesterday that Saints Row IV had been refused classification in Australia due to interactive, visual depictions of implied sexual violence which are not justified by context and illicit drug use related to incentives or rewards.

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Saints Row 4 banned in Australia for including alien anal probe

Bonkers open world adventure Saints Row 4 will not see an Australian release in its current form due to the inclusion of an "Alien Anal Probe" weapon. The extraterrestrial device fell foul of censors at the Aussie Classification Board, Kotaku reported. Its depiction in Saints Row 4 implied sexual violence that was "not justified by context", the ACB report stated: Read more…        

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Saints Row IV's 'Alien Anal Probe' Reason For Australia Ban

Yesterday we reported that Saints Row IV had been refused classification by Australia's rating board , meaning the game would not be permitted for sale as-is. Deep Silver confirmed to Game Informer that the offending changes would be made, and the title resubmitted. Today, we've learned by way of MCV exactly what caused Volition's next Saints Row title to miss even the new R18+ rating. It was an ...

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