Sex by Numbers: What Statistics Can Tell Us About Sexual Behaviour by David Spiegelhalter

SEX statistics undoubtedly offer a voyeuristic thrill.

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Girl reveals how porn turned her boyfriend into a sexual predator in NSPCC campaign

The girl, known only as Rhea*, decided to tell her harrowing story to highlight a new campaign by NSPCC's ChildLine to fight over exposure to porn in teenagers.

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I have low sexual desire – and “female Viagra” worked for me

A trial medication transformed my sex life. Why is there so much pushback to something women want and need?

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Who took the sex out of the sexual revolution?

Third-wave feminism has been complicit in returning women to neo-traditional ideals of domesticity and monogamy “Simply delicious: my year of wild oats” – US author Robin Rinaldi’s new book , or to give it its official title, “controversial new book”, sounds a little naff in the precis. She spent a year having an open marriage, renting a little flat during the week and returning to her husband ...

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Some sexual offences not a crime under hudud now

Anal sex between husband and wife outlawed under amended enactment.

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Sex toys and 'Er Nai': Inside China's unfolding sexual revolution

In 1989, sexologist Li Yinhe conducted a famous survey that showed 15 per cent of Chinese respondents said they had premarital sex. Today, that figure is about 71 per cent, according to local figures. "China is becoming more adventurous in the bedroom," said Zhang Lijia, author of the forthcoming novel "Lotus," which looks at prostitution in modern China. Ms. Zhang was speaking to a mostly ...

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The Sex M.D., Madeleine Castellanos, Uncovers the Secrets for Igniting Romance and Revitalizing Sexual Desire in New ...

Madeleine Castellanos M.D., medical doctor and psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of sexual dysfunction introduces, Wanting to Want: What Kills Your Sex Life and How to Kee

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Porn addicts at unsafe sexual behaviour risk

Sydney, Jan 30 (IANS) In a study involving college students, Australian researchers have linked porn addiction with increased sexual risk such as unsafe practices and more sexual partners. In an article titled "Association Between Pornography Use and Sexual Risk Behaviors in Adult Consumers: A Systematic Review," the team from University of Sydney and Curtin University discussed the potential ...

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FDA warns of Viagra in 'all natural' sexual health supplement: Tainted dietary supplements

Happy Passengers, a male sexual enhancement supplement, is sold online and in retail stores and advertised as herbal and safe for any man but may pose a serious risk for men with heart conditions or those taking nitrates.

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Rise of internet porn could be to blame for lower marriage rates, study claims, as men find 'low-cost sexual ...

The rise of Internet pornography could be contributing to lower marriage rates, a study from the University of West Chester, Pennsylvania, has found.

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