Porn is not sexy, says Radio 4's Garvey: Woman's Hour host says viewing films in preparation for discussion left her ...

Jane Garvey, 50, has revealed she was left ‘upset’ after watching hours of hardcore pornography in preparation for the Radio 4 show’s latest debate.

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A sexy selfie: snapshot of Austalians' sex lives

Utterly shameless, the Great Australian Sex Census is at it again. Seeking to go where, they say, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will not, they are looking to slide right between the sheets with us all.        

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Bringing sexy back to ACT politics

Australian Sex Party scores in Melbourne, looking to pick up seats in Canberra.

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14 Sexy Gifts for Your Slutty Friends

You know you want it. So does s/he! read more

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Where is sexy star Juliana Palermo now?

Remember Juliana Palermo, who made a big splash with her movie debut in 2003?

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Meet the Sexy British Actress at the Center of the Viagra Commercial Controversy (Exclusive)

Five things to know about the new (female) face of the iconic blue pill read more

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Diane von Furstenberg Says Viagra Makes a Man Sexy, Tries to Get Stephen Colbert in a Wrap Dress

Diane von Furstenberg may be one of the most stylish women in Hollywood. But as it turns out, fashion is the farthest thing she finds sexy in a man. As it turns out, it may just be a...

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FTC Fines Online Dating Service For Using Sexy Fake Profiles To Lure Sign-Ups

HeidiHi is 26, curvy, blonde, child-free and describes herself as “easygoing,” but what members of the dating site FlirtCrowd, which featured her profile, didn’t know when they got an alert that she messaged them was that she wasn’t real. If they signed up for a premium subscription in order to see her message, they were simply stuck with a paid membership.

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Masters of Sex Producers on What Makes a Sex Scene Sexy

How do you make a show about sex interesting in an era when we’re bombarded by it? Easy. Put three women behind the lens.

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'Masters of Sex' Finally Gets Sexy in Season 2

Season one ended with William Masters (Michael Sheen, doing just spectacular work) appearing at Virginia Johnson's (Lizzy Caplan) door, and it's not spoiler to say that we learn very quickly she does not turn him away. Masters and Johnson study how the body reacts during sex, so there's a clinical aspect to the way it is portrayed on screen at times.

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