Sexologist says porn should be taught alongside sex ed

Sex education in schools can be a contentious issue but an idea from a Danish sexologist is sure to set a new bar for controversy. Aside from the obligatory birds and...

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How many times you should be having sex each week

We’re often told that a happy and healthy sex life isn’t about a number — it’s about two mutually satisfied partners. But just like aiming for drinking eight glasses of...

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Simon Danczuk MP has watched porn – why should we care?

He’s a flawed human being but so are we all. We shouldn’t expect perfection from our politicians when it’s their judgment that counts Simon Danczuk has watched porn, as have virtually all men. In one of the most important and closely fought elections in a generation, this apparently qualifies as a news story. Rochdale’s Labour MP has aroused much attention because of his Twitter habits: the ...

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State laws on sex offenders should not be crafted by emotion

Jessica's Law — California's version of it, anyway — was a mess from the beginning. Voters here adopted it (as Proposition 83) in 2006 because they mistakenly believed they were cracking down on horrific crimes against children. They were urged on by nightly harangues from...

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Should Brands Book a .Sucks or .Porn Domain?

Could the new .sucks and .porn Web domain options be a public relations nightmare for brands? Should companies buy these new URLs to preempt pranksters? Should they even consider actually using them as legitimate sites? After revealed yesterday that Taylor Swift had purchased and, it became evident that marketers are on the clock when it comes to ...

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Why you should buy your .sucks domain name before someone else does

Along with .porn, .adult and now more than 500 others, in June .sucks will become another new internet domain. And what’s to stop someone from registering before you do? Taylor Swift wouldn’t let that happen Name: .sucks Age: So new that it doesn’t even exist yet. Related: Why everyone should register a domain name | Dan Gillmor Continue reading...

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Sex Sells -- Why Brothel Owner Says Prostitution Should Be Legalized

NEW YORK (TheStreet) - Should prostitution be legal? Dennis Hof says it's vital for the industry to be legalized.  Hof, author of The Art of the Pimp and owner of 40% of the legal brothels in North America, compared the prostitution market to the liquor market. Think about the Prohibition era, he said. It wasn't the liquor companies and breweries making the money, it was the gangsters.  Once the ...

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Everyone should be against Penal Code 377B

Engaging in consensual oral and anal sex is not something that should be punished. Indeed, the government shouldn’t govern how we have sex, says Chong Yee Shan. Thanks to Anwar’s case, Malaysians now know... (Visited 32 times, 32 visits this week) The post Everyone should be against Penal Code 377B appeared first on ALIRAN .

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B.C. sex-ed curriculum should follow Ontario's lead: expert

A Vancouver sexual health educator is applauding Ontario's changes to its sex-ed curriculum, saying a similar update to B.C.'s curriculum should have happened long ago. Saleema Noon, who speaks at schools about sex education, says B.C.'s current curriculum does well when it comes to teaching kids technical terms for body parts, puberty changes and Internet safety. "What these changes to the ...

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Sex education should be compulsory in primary schools: MPs

Sex education should be compulsory in all primary and secondary schools to help protect children from abuse, a group of MPs said on Tuesday. The Commons education select committee called for personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) to be given statutory status and enough time devoted to the subject by properly trained teachers. Sex and relationships education (SRE) should form a ...

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