For mature audiences only: Sex on TV isn’t just getting hotter — it’s getting smarter

Today?s shows are doing more than just showing some skin.

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Sex Can Make You Smarter: Encourages Brain Cells' Growth, Improves Long-Term Memory

Scientists at the University of Maryland found that sex enhanced the number of newly generated neurons in the hippocampus, where memories are made. /DailyMail IT gives night classes a whole new meaning.Having sex makes you smarter, research suggests.

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Sex can make you smarter but porn can make you dumber, study suggests

First, the good news: a new study shows sex might make you smarter, as suggested by recent research in Maryland and South Korea. The researchers found sexual activity in mice and rats improved mental performance and increased the production of new neurons in the hippocampus where long-term memories are formed, The Atlantic reported. It said the team from the University of Maryland reported in ...

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Sex making you smarter one tryst at a time: study

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to spend more time having fun under the covers, we’ve got you sorted. New research has found that having sex can improve mental performance...

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Sex Might Actually Make You Smarter

Forget mindfulness meditation, computerized working-memory training, and learning a musical instrument; all methods recently shown by scientists to increase intelligence. There could be an easier answer. It turns out that sex might actually make you smarter.

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Seeking smarter rules for sex offenders

Janice Bellucci of Reform Sex Offender Laws believes offenders should go to prison. But after they get out, she wants them to have a chance to lead stable lives. Janice Bellucci is a mother of two, the wife of a pastor and a former Girl Scout leader active in volunteer work.        

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