Teen Convicted Of 'Child Porn' Offences After Spreading 'Sexts' Of Boyfriend's Ex

A teenager in Canada has been convicted of child porn offences after spreading naked pictures of her boyfriend's ex. Local news reports that the teenage girl took her boyfriend's phone after she discovered another girl was sending him 'sexts' in November 2012. The teen found five pictures of the other girl on the device, and after making threats on Facebook sent them out to some friends. The ...

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Second-hand porn: The spreading circle of damage it can cause

A growing number of men, women are tired of being marginalized for expressing concerns about pornography.

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Second-hand porn: the spreading circle of damage

A growing number of men and women are tired of being marginalized for expressing concerns about how pornography is...

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Porn Star Jesse Spencer Jailed For Deliberately Spreading Syphilis in Adult Film Industry

In order to continue working uninterrupted, Jesse Spencer decided to hide his syphilis-positive test results.

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