Online Pornography In The U.K. Can No Longer Include These Acts

U.K. online porn will soon become a lot more vanilla after the country’s film board passes new regulations on what it can and cannot contain. In its 2014 guidelines , the British Board of Film Classification now bans a long list of acts from appearing in pornography produced in the country. The list of acts deemed inappropriate for the ‘R18’ classification include spanking, caning, urination ...

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Porn and gamers team up in eSports sponsorship

One of the largest streaming porn sites is extending its reach into the video game world.

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Why Amateur Porn Will Never Be Safe

When Theresa split from her partner of several years, they began the painful process of separating their lives, notifying friends as they divided the dishes and furniture. They confronted the dozens of Facebook vacation photos, the Instagrams of Sunday morning brunch, the tweets and text messages that professed their undying love. Finally, they had to figure out what to do with their handful of ...

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